Electric Sander

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It’s great when multipurpose tools can get you through the working day. But professionals will know that one-tool-fits-all approach is not always the solution. Sanding, polishing, and burnishing come with their fair share of specialised techniques that set professional standards ahead of the pack. That’s why we’ve got a wide range of purpose-fit electric sanders from the refurbishment experts at MSW. All of our sanding tools are lightweight, ergonomic, and are even suitable for private use. Whether you’re carrying out finely focused engraving, or an extensive stretch of floor polishing, we’ve got the perfect electric sander to fit the job.

From engraving to burnishing

• Compact • Safe and stable to use • Choice of power • Sheets and adapters included in many products • Lightweight for easy use and transport • Excellent precision, minimum fatigue

Our electric sander range, from our wide selection of professional tools, is suitable across many industries as well as home DIY projects. For furniture designers and carpenters, you can achieve a glowing finish on a wide range of wood surfaces, as well as tackling tricky areas like corners and edges. Mechanics, bodyworks, and other automobile professionals will note that each electric sander in our range is suitable for use on metal surfaces, ideal for smoothing out damages and repairs, as well as removing rust. Each high-powered electric sander can also be used on stone, ideal for sculpting, engraving and even landscaping tasks. And of course, DIY-enthusiasts will find our electric sander range safe and intuitive to use – save yourself a few pounds on your next home refurb (just don’t tell the professionals!). Take a look at some of our of electric sander choices, and see if we’ve got the one for the job. Our selection of mini grinders features a choice of lightweight (1kg) electric sanders, ideal for tackling fine detail with precision. Perfect for engraving, edges, and corners, these mini grinders can be used on wood, stone or metal, and each comes with its own accessories kit (choose up to 92 pieces). For a great multipurpose electric sander, take a look at our best value detail sander (extra sanding sheet sold separately). This MSW handheld electric sander is ideal for working on large sanding areas, complete with a pointed edge to help you tackle corners and edges as well. As with all of our electric sander choices, the detail sander can be switched from continuous operation to manual activation, when working on smaller details.

More great tools from MSW and Stamos

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Fine details can be a challenge, but what about taking the time and strain out of extensive sanding, polishing, and burnishing jobs. When tackling large surface areas, look no further than our selection of burnishing machines, with a broad range of speed settings and attachments to choose from. Our burnishing tools allow for a wide range of professionals finishes such as satin-sheen, high polish, and matt finish. We also feature a selection of mops and brushes, so you can easily adapt your burnishing machine to suit your desired finish. As with each electric sander, our burnishing machines are fitted with ergonomic handling, giving you maximum comfort and control while you work. At Expondo, we’ve got plenty of reasons to choose MSW and Stamos Soldering as our top choices for professional tools. Just check out our wide range of power tools, to find out why. For professionals working in demolition, construction and roadworks, we’ve got high-powered demolition hammers for indoor use and out. And for electronic and phone repairs, our compact LCD separators are ideal for safely and cleanly repairing defective smart phone screens. And that’s just the start! Remember, we also stock an award-winning range of catering supplies featuring cooking, prepping, serving, and storage equipment, including high-quality bain-maries. And for labs, workshops, schools, factories, and retailers, check out our selection of industrial equipment featuring scales, ultrasonic cleaners, melting furnaces and more. Wherever you work, the Expondo range has got you covered!