Wall And Ceiling Sander

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Modern crafts professionals and DIY enthusiasts know that even extensive refurbishment doesn’t need to mean back-breaking work. With our growing range of sanders, grinders and burnishing devices, we’re trying to make that a reality for your home or business. For sanding high and hard-to-reach areas, we’re introducing the wall and ceiling sander range from the power tools experts at MSW. With LED lighting system and ventilation accessories, simply attach to your vacuum cleaner or make use of the telescopic range to reach even high ceilings and corners with ease.

Choose a wall and ceiling sander ideal for indoor refurbishment

• Extendable or handheld • DIY or professional use • Dustbag attachment • High speed of up to 2,500rpm • LED lit

The wall and ceiling sander range from MSW will revolutionize the way you complete extensive indoor sanding jobs. Designed to help you reach high and hard-to-reach areas, these high powered sanders not only give you easy access but will give you a quick and even sanding finish. With speed settings of up 2,500rpm, the wall and ceiling sander doesn’t compromise on power. For close up work, you can use our low cost wall and ceiling sander with dust-bag attachment as a handheld device. For easy clean-up, you can attach your sander to a standard vacuum cleaner, helping you to clear away dust as you work. Also found in our range of electric sanders, the extendable wall and ceiling sanders from MSW are an even safer way to complete extensive sanding jobs. No more balancing precariously on high ladders while carrying heavy equipment. Now you can complete these operations from the safety of the ground. As well as this, an extendable wall and ceiling sander is a safer and more comfortable solution for your back and neck. Simply extend and maneuver the lightweight sander with minimal strain. There’s even an LED fitted to each sander, so working in low-lit areas is easy and won’t cause strain to the eyes.

More ways to get the job done!

• Range of sanders • Burnishing machines • Sanding accessories • Power tools for home or DIY • Lifting equipment

In the Expondo range, we have plenty of other sanding solutions to help you carry out extensive sanding jobs quickly and evenly. For instance, our burnishing machines which are specifically designed for tacking large surface areas that need sanding or polishing. Choose from a wide range of accessories to fit to your burnishing machine, such as sanding mops, flap wheels, and sanding belts. In our full range of professional tools, we’re doing more than just sanding and polishing. We also have a growing selection of welding devices, hammers drills and garage equipment. Here, you can find heavy duty lifting equipment such as our popular lifting magnet with a capacity of 300kg. This is ideal for lifting large quantities of metal debris and scrap, as well as construction materials, engines, and vehicle parts. As well as great garage equipment for home users and professionals, you’ll also find a wide selection of power tools featuring everything from drills and saws to remote control garage doors. We’re adding to our range every day to bring you the best equipment for your business. Whether you’re searching for the perfect oven or grill from our range of catering equipment or you’re investing in a precision scales or ultrasonic cleaner from our range of industrial equipment, you can be confident you’ll get great quality and price, as well as excellent results!