Commercial Freezer

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Effective storage is crucial in any cooking environment, to keep ingredients organised and safe, improve freshness and prolong shelf life, and of course, reduce waste. A high quality commercial freezer should do all of these things, helping you to make the most of any sized kitchen and serving your guests the best tasting dishes, every time. Check out our broad range of sizes from the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher.

Commercial freezers for every cooking space!

- High temperature range - Energy efficient - Automatic thermostat - High quality materials - Easy to clean - Wide range of sizes

When it comes to investing in catering supplies, it’s crucial that you think of the basic first, such as storage and food safety. Available in a wide selection of sizes, our range of commercial freezers has something for every kitchen and are all built to a professional standard. Each of our commercial freezers in our full range of refrigeration equipment is equipped with a thermostat, interior lights and a lockable lid, adding safety to the equation. Wherever you cook, from fast food restaurants, snack bars, hotel kitchens or even mobile trucks, the same standard applies. For the Expondo range, we only select commercial freezers that are environmentally friendly thanks to their economical energy consumption. This means they are excellent for permanent use and helps you to keep the energy bills down. Whether you work in a small or large kitchen, our commercial freezers hold an impressive capacity helping you make the most of every inch of space. Additional features such as removable shelves, baskets, easy-to-maneuver doors, and transparent glass help you stay organized and give you easy access to ingredients even during the busy rush. Built with high-quality, smooth materials such as their robust steel casing and inner lining made of embossed aluminium, these commercial freezers are strong, long-lasting and easy to clean. With precise temperature control and an automatic thermostat, you can monitor and adjust temperature and minimize excess energy use.

Keep it cool in the kitchen

• Commercial fridges for homes and businesses • Adjustable legs/doors • Easy access • Precise temperature control • Easy to clean • Clear glass display

We’ve got plenty more ways to keep ingredients fresh and well-stored in your restaurant, café or home. Just take a look at our versatile commercial fridge from Bartscher to start. This high-capacity commercial fridge can both adjusted both internally and externally to suit your kitchen’s needs. Adjust the height of the legs or change the angle of the door hinge for the best access for you and your staff. And inside, you can adjust the shelves depending on what’s on this week’s menu! With our countertop fridges you can take display to the next level – allowing you to keep salad ingredients, dressing, pizza toppings, and sandwich fillings cool throughout service. Best of all, your guests can witness the freshness of your range first hand and choose what they’d like to order. Speaking of choice, with a handy drink refrigerator in your shop, café, or takeaway restaurant, your guest can see the full range for themselves and choose their favorite soda, juice or beer, cool from the fridge! And speaking of beer – look no further than our cooling beer dispenser, than can even be used at home or in a pop-up street food stand! Our pizza cooling tables give you the best blend of storage and worktop space, allowing you to keep all of your chilled ingredients at hand while you chop, slice, prep and knead on the stainless steel surface above. Clearly we’re big food lovers at Expondo. But don’t forget, we also stock a wide range of professional tools as well as industrial equipment for labs, factories and more. Discover the full range, today!