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What are the building blocks of an excellent food business? Whether you’re serving up bite-sized hors d’oeuvres or gastro burgers piled high with cheese and bacon, the basics are the same. The building blocks of a well-run kitchen is more than just ingredients. It comes down to how you equip your staff and how efficiently your workspace is run. Investing in quality catering equipment from expert brand like Royal Catering and Bartscher not only saves you time and space in the kitchen, it also makes for a safer, satisfied workforce, and of course, great food and happy customers.

Professional Catering Equipment, Whatever the Dish

From prep to presentation, our professional equipment will help you run safer, savvier kitchen, wherever you work. From small food businesses like market stalls, small bakeries, and street food kiosks, to sprawling hotel buffets, cafeterias, and catering operations. Large or small, we’ll help your kitchen space work harder for you. We can even help home-cooks create professional, mouth-watering dishes from home with our intuitive, easy-to-install catering equipment. We stock only high quality catering equipment from trusted brands - every item is built to last and give you years of return on investment. Just take a look at our range of stainless steel cooking furniture to start. We’ve got stainless steel worktops, storage units, serving trolley, and shelves. As you’ll see, stainless steel is a top choice for us at Expondo, not only for catering equipment, but also in our range of quality craft supplies and industrial sector equipment too! Stainless steel is a no-brainer when it comes to furnishing your kitchen. Stylish, sturdy, and easy to clean, it not only gives great results when it comes to slicing, prepping and storage, it also helps you to maintain your kitchen’s hygiene standards. It’s also one of our most prominent choices in our range of butcher’s equipment. Here you’ll find a one-stop-shop to supply any butchers, grill-house or barbeque enthusiast. Check out our powerful stainless steel catering equipment such as food slicers, processers, sausage cutters, and burger presses, ideal for butcher shops, delis and restaurants. To add a creative flare to your menu, our professional meat mincer allows you to blend your own delicious home-made burger, sausage, and kofte recipes from scratch!

Store, slice, sizzle, and serve!

When it comes to the cooking side of things, don’t think you’ll be disappointed. In our wide range of commercial ovens, we’ve got efficient and powerful catering equipment to suit all kitchens! From convection ovens and steamers, to high-powered pizza ovens reaching a staggering 400 degrees, you’ll find the oven for you, no-matter what your special dish is. Choose from a wide range of sizes to suit your kitchen space. We invest in safety and quality when it comes to our commercial ovens. Made with robust materials like stainless steel, cast iron and Teflon, our ovens are built to last. With automatic heat control and excellent heat dispersal, you can be confident that dishes are cooked thoroughly, and in the time you want. At Expondo, we understand that no to kitchens are the same. In fact, some of them aren’t even indoors! For street food vendors and fast food kiosks, fighting the outdoor elements is a piece of cake with our range of market needs catering equipment. Whether your guests are cooling off at a summer fair or warming up at a Christmas market, they’ll be happy to queue up for a delicious sweet or savoury treat. We’ve got efficient milkshake makers for indulgent milkshakes or healthy smoothies, and professional popcorn makers to add an element of spectacle to any event. Finally, service with a smile is made easier than ever with our ingenious plate warmers from our range of catering equipment. The last few minutes are crucial before your food hits the table. Don’t let temperature control be the enemy! So there you go, from slicing and dicing, to presentation and service, you’ll find what you need and more in our range of catering equipment.