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Model: APS-14981

Cooling Bowl - 2.5 L

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  • Elegant – wooden frame and shiny stainless steel bowl for every buffet
  • Fresh – cold pack ensures that food can be displayed for a long time
  • Practical – modular system is simple in design
  • Easy to clean – bowls made of stainless steel and melamine can be removed for cleaning
  • Universal – ideal for events on site or catered events


The elegant cooling bowl for fresh enjoyment

There is more to the cooling bowl than guests might initially suspect. In addition to the stylish stainless steel and wood exterior, the core of the chilling bowl keeps food fresh and tasty for a long time. The cold pack works for hours in secret for the well-being of your guests. The low-maintenance melamine bowl has a capacity of 2.5 L and is ideal for fruit or desserts. All parts of the chilling bowl can be removed and are easy to clean. Whether on the breakfast buffet or at an evening party, the cooling bowl is sure to offer all of your guests a little refreshment.