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Ozone Generator - 7,000 mg/h - 98 W

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  • High-performance—extremely powerful ozone production of 7,000 mg/h
  • Effective—fast and easy to use
  • Convenient—timer function up to 60 min
  • Efficient—air circulation of 170 m³/h
  • Durable—robust housing with handle


Ozone Generator - 7,000 mg/h - 98 W

The ozone generator AIRCLEAN 7G-ECO from ulsonix is specially designed for professional air treatment in enclosed spaces. The highly-efficient ozone generator can neutralise even intensive odours quickly and effectively. The powerful ozone generator counteracts a variety of contaminants in the air, cleansing it of allergens, harmful mould spores, unpleasant animal or cigarette odours. The industrial air purifier is also suited for commercial use in automotive workshops, for indoor air and building renovation, in waste and sanitary rooms or the hotel industry.

Funky atmosphere? – The air purifier from Ulsonix ensures clean air

The AIRCLEAN 7G-ECO impresses with its efficient ozone production of 7,000 mg/h. The UV lamp integrated in the generator guarantees constant ozone production. The built-in fan with a powerful air circulation of 170 m³/h ensures an even distribution of ozone in the room.

The air filter attached to the back of the housing complements the powerful air circulation by protecting against contamination of the technology and supporting the longevity of the ozone generator. The air filter can be easily replaced without tools as needed.

The AIRCLEAN 7G-ECO stands out for its extremely easy operation. You can set the device timer using a stepless dial. The selected value describes the operating time of the generator before it automatically switches off again. You can also set continuous operation (Hold) for particularly challenging and lengthy tasks, but it should not exceed 12 hours.

The professional ozone steriliser is lightweight and compact in design for quick and easy transport. The practical handle on the top of the device facilitates mobile use. The sturdy powder-coated steel housing supports the longevity of the device. The 1.8 m-long power cable provides flexibility and can be stored on the integrated cable holder to save space.

How do I safely use ozone? Ozone may only be used in closed rooms in which there are no people or pets. No one should enter a room until 2 h after an ozone treatment. The room should also be aired for at least 30 min after the treatment. Never breathe ozone directly from the device. Only produce the amount of ozone corresponding to the room size. Make sure there are no flammable gases or explosive materials near the ozone generator. This device also uses UV light, to which people, pets and plants must not be directly exposed. UV radiation can cause burns to the skin or eyes; protect yourself and your surroundings from direct UV radiation. Please read the instruction manual carefully before working with ozone and observe all safety instructions.

Download the warning sign for room disinfection.

Find out how effectively ozone combats bacteria and mould! Research conducted by the Polish State Sanitary Inspectorate (Sanepid) has shown that the process performed with the ozone generator from ulsonix can be an excellent complement to conventional disinfection methods and removes biological contaminants even in places that are difficult to access.

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