Ozone Generator - 10,000 mg/h - 102 W

item number: EX10050118 / Model: AIRCLEAN 10G-WL

Ozone Generator - 10,000 mg/h - 102 W

  • item number: EX10050118
  • Model: AIRCLEAN 10G-WL
  • In the product range since: 2018

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  • Powerful ozone production of 10,000 mg/hr for reducing even stubborn odours
  • Precise timer for 120 minutes of operation or continuous operation
  • Washable, easily removable filter
  • Cost-effective thanks to low energy usage
  • Compact, durable and easy to transport


Ozone Generator - 10,000 mg/h - 102 W

The industrial air purifier AIRCLEAN 10G-WL from Ulsonix helps you to effectively neutralise strong odours in spaces. You can also fight musty smells resulting from flooding or fires with the ozone generator AIRCLEAN 10G-WL. Ozone generators are used for building renovations and interior air purification, especially in automotive workshops, the hotel industry, garbage and washrooms, as well as for getting rid of cigarette smoke or animal smells in vehicles or boats.

Funky atmosphere? -- The air purifier from Ulsonix ensures clean air


The air purifier produces ozone at a rate of 10,000 mg per hour, enabling it to ban bad odours quickly and effectively. The fan distributes the ozone evenly around the room. This process even removes harmful mould spores from the air, relieving allergies and protecting your health.


The ozone device is equipped with three different modes. In Hold mode, the device runs continuously. The fan and ozone plates are running and the indicator light is illuminated. If the timer is set, the device is activated for the desired amount of time. You can choose to set the air purification process to up to 120 minutes. The device switches off at the end of the set time. In Off mode, all functions are turned off.


The air filter on the back of the housing effectively cleans the air as it sucks it in and prevents dirt from getting inside the housing. The filter can be changed out as needed without the use of tools and can be washedfor continued use.


With 102 watts of power, this device is especially energy-efficient as well as cost-effective. It can clean an impressive 50 m3 in just eight minutes. For health reasons, no one should enter the room while air purification is underway, which is why the device comes with an appropriate warning sign for the doorknob. The power cable can be changed out for greater flexibility.


The compact and lightweight housing is made from powder-coated steel, making it extremely resilient and suitable for use in even heavily-contaminated rooms without sustaining damage. Naturally, it is impervious to ozone and is especially well-suited to this type of air purification. The ozone generator is equipped with a handle for convenient transportation, and its rubber feet ensure stability on any surface.

Item number
Casing material
Powder-coated steel
Filter material
Stainless steel
Voltage / Frequency
230 V /50 Hz
102 W
Ozone power
10,000 mg/h
170 m³/h
Up to 120 minutes
Estimated purification time per room size
50 m3 in 8 min
100 m3 in 16 min
150 m3 in 24 min
200 m3 in 32 min
300 m3 in 48 min
Dimensions, filter
125 x 125 mm
Noise level
75 dB
Length, power cable
1,5 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
23,5 x 18 x 27,5 cm
2,75 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
29 x 25 x 28 cm
Shipping weight
3,55 kg

Ozone lexicon

1. What is ozone?

Ozone (also called O3 or trioxygen) is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. This is the molecule that forms the layer in the stratosphere that protects all the living beings on Earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It is extremely reactive, and it therefore easily reacts with substances such as ammonia, which can prevent unpleasant odours.

2. How do ozone generators work?

The majority of ozone generators work as follows: first, air will be aspirated at the back of the device by means of a built-in ventilator. Once inside the generator, the air will be purified of germs and bacteria by the air filter and special UV lamp. Then, the air will be channeled through the ceramic plates, where the oxygen will subsequently be converted into ozone by an electrical discharge. Lastly, ozone will be released back into the room through the front of the device.

3. What are ozone generators used for?

Ozone generators are ideal to improve or renew the air in closed spaces. Due to its high reactivity, ozone can easily neutralise unpleasant smells.

4. Safety note:

Given that ozone in large concentrations is toxic and thus harmful to our health, you must make sure to always take the necessary precautions to avoid uncontrolled ozone releases. These devices should only be operated by specialists. For the most effective use it is also recommended to replace the ceramic plates every 6 months. Ulsonix offers you high-quality service and Europe-wide supply of spare and wear parts. The suitable spare parts for these devices are also to be found in our shop!

How do I use this device?

The ozone generator can be used in rooms, cars or vans for disinfecting and eliminating unpleasant odours. Under no circumstances should humans or pets enter the room while the device is in operation. If you absolutely must enter the room for some urgent reason, protective clothing and a breathing mask is required. The room should be aired out for 15 to 30 minutes after the ozone treatment and then remain empty for 2 hours afterward before it can be used again as normal.

Why is the power cable removable?

You can switch out the included cable for a longer one for more flexibility in positioning the purifier in your space. You can also use an extension cable, if preferred.

  • Industrial Air Purifier AIRCLEAN 10G-WL
  • Power cable
  • Warning sign
  • Instruction manual
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Reviews from Henrik Falk (12 Feb 2020)

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