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Item: EX10210050


Model: GAZELLE 1.1

Polystyrene Cutter - 160 W - 1,070 mm / 310 mm - base

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  • Effective—effortless cuts with clean cut edges up to 1,070 mm long and 310 mm deep
  • Precise—thanks to guide rails, scale and adjustable cutting depth
  • Waterproof—protected against bad weather in accordance with protection class IP68
  • Mobile—easy to transport thanks to sleek design and light weight
  • Accessories—five high-quality cutting wires made of a nickel-copper-chrome alloy included in delivery
  • Practical—thanks to the base, the hot wire cutter can be quickly set up on a wall or scaffolding


The professional polystyrene cutter incl. base

For insulation, renovations and building refurbishments on medium and large buildings, the polystyrene cutter GAZELLE 1.1 from Pro Bauteam is the optimal hot wire cutting tool. It is designed for millimetre-precise cuts in insulation panels made from Styrofoam, and polystyrene. With the hot wire cutter you can easily cut even large insulation panels measuring up to 1,070 mm long and up to 310 mm deep. Thanks to the base, you can quickly position the styrocutter against a wall or a scaffold.

The hot wire cutter GAZELLE from Pro Bauteam's professional tools collection

Working with the foam cutting tool is incredibly simple: When the push-button switch is activated, the Styrofoam cutter is ready for operation or even continuous operation within a few seconds, thanks to the powerful 160 W transformer. When cutting, the hot wire glides effortlessly along the guide rail through the insulation material, enabling you to make straight, smooth and clean cuts without frustration. You can make millimetre-precise cuts thanks to the guide rail, scale and adjustable cutting depth.

The transformer with protection class IP68 is waterproof—rain and damp don't stand a chance. Thanks to the sturdy aluminium construction and coated structural board, the GAZELLE polystyrene cutter is an absolute featherweight that lives up to its name. The hot wire cutter can easily installed on a table or positioned against a wall or a scaffolding. Weatherproof and easy to transport and assemble, this device is also ideal for mobile use on building sites.

The power tool comes with five cutting wires made of a nickel-chrome alloy. This specialised material is ideal for Styrofoam cutters because it is not only particularly resilient to corrosion, but also has a high temperature resistance. Only when the wire reaches high temperatures do the cut edges melt, resulting in precisely fitting, smooth cut edges.



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