DC Power Supplies

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If you’re carrying out high-powered tasks, you need to know you can rely on the standard and safety of your power supply. The reliable DC power supply selection from our range of professional tools has been specially designed for application across countless industries such as construction, laboratories and telecommunications to supply constant DC power during operations. With multiple connections, precise current adjustment, and excellent grounding, these lightweight, sturdy power supplies are easy to transport and can be adapted to suit the task at hand. Discover our two choices of Stamos power supply units below.

Trust in the powers that be – compact DC power supplies

• Ideal in construction, engineering, telecoms, and testing facilities • Choice of power: 150/15W • Compact, lightweight, and robust • Easy to transport • Safety regulated • LED Display

Professionals will know that a DC power supply is one that supplies a constant DC voltage to its load. Well-regulated power is important across a wide range of industries. It is imperative in construction and engineering for operating power tools and machinery as well as in telecommunications for operating switchboards and large servers. Reliable DC power supplies are vital for industrial supplies for laboratories and testing facilities. This is because precise results will depend largely on the quality and consistency of the power supply used. In other industries, such as events and catering, a reliable power supply is also useful for operating lights, amplifiers, and professional catering equipment. Even home-users will find a DC power supply to be a useful supply to their equipment, when carrying out extensive DIY tasks. The Expondo range of DC power supplies offers two choices of wattage: 150 or 15 Watts. Each DC power supply unit is made from robust steel panels and is lightweight – perfect for transporting from one job to the next. For easy use, each DC power supply features a high-quality LED display, so you can monitor and adjust the current and voltage output as necessary. Each Stamos DC power supply features thermal overload protection, automatically activating a ventilation system when the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius or more. To ensure a balanced current at all times, a rough and fine current adjustment is possible, using the ergonomic regulation knobs. Our 15W DC power supplies offer output currents up to 1 Amp and output voltages up to 15 Volts, while the 150W unit offers up to 5 Amps and output voltages up to 30 Volts, ideal for heavy duty tasks.

More powerful choices from the Expondo range

• Versatile power tools from MSW and Stamos • Ergonomic soldering stations • Demolition hammers for indoors and out • Polystyrene cutters with multiple accessories • Versatile burnishing machines

In our full range of professional tools, we’ve got plenty more tools and gadgets for use in construction, maintenance, motors and more, all compatible for use with our lightweight DC power supply units. Our range of soldering stations from Stamos, available with a wide range of accessories are ideal for constructing circuit boards and repairing electronic devices, offering you high soldering power with ergonomic control over the flame at all times. For professionals working in construction, roadworks, and demolition, our demolition hammers are extremely robust, efficiently powered and are suitable for a wide range of demolition tasks both indoors and out. Built with sturdy, lightweight materials and designed with ergonomic handling, the MSW Motors range of demolition hammers offer you maximum comfort and control while you work. Another versatile choice for professionals working in construction or even home DIY enthusiasts are our powerful rotary hammers - suitable for either, drilling, hammering or chiselling. Choose from a range of accessory kits and power choices all designed by the MSW pros. All of our polystyrene cutters provide a clean and accurate cut through polystyrene materials, regardless of thickness, ideal for cutting through foam boards, insulation materials and piping. They are also convenient across multiple industries for managing packing materials and other disposables. Finally, for working with stone, plastic and wood, our versatile burnishing machines are great for grinding, polishing, cleaning, deburring, brushing, structuring, and matting. Choose the tools fit for the task, today.