Temperature Data Logger

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If you’re looking for precision and accuracy when recording temperature for an experiment, then you’ll want to have a quality temperature data logger for the job. These instruments are capable of logging temperature as well as humidity in a variety of environments. They’ll be able to record a huge range of temperatures and are built to last. So whatever kinds of lab equipment you’re looking for, we have multiple temperature data loggers for you to choose from. So, pick out the right one for your temperature monitoring needs!

Professional quality temperature data loggers for the lab and home

- Great addition to any laboratory. - USB plug for easy data transfer. - You’re in control with a clear LED or LCD display. - Used by industry professionals.

These temperature data loggers can record a variety of variables from temperature and humidity to air pressure. All of these intervals are individually adjustable and readable on a high-quality LED or LCD display, depending on the model you choose. Whatever data you’re collecting, you’ll be able to transfer it via the USB interface right onto your computer or device. Using Ultrasonix products in the laboratory or any environment with industrial equipment is going to last through the tough jobs. These temperature data loggers are no different, some have a huge temperature range of -35 to 80 C and a humidity range of up to 100%. There’s also measuring cycles you’re able to set from 2 seconds all the way to 24 hours. All our various scales have an impressive range as well! It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional scientist or meteorologist, an environmental researcher or even just want to keep your own record of home temperatures around your place, these temperature data loggers will do the trick. You don’t need to know how to use one of our ultrasonic cleaners to understand how to use these intuitive temperature data loggers! You can easily mount them onto a wall and use the included software to start monitoring your temperature data right away. When you buy our professional tools and take care of your equipment needs from Expondo, you’ll be getting quality products that work right out of the box.

Easy to read and just as easy to use

- With internal memory you won’t have to worry about losing your data. - Durable build quality that will last. - Suitable for anyone with professional or private needs. - Perfect for an educational setting.

Our temperature data loggers are just another category of equipment for our customers and their professional and private tool needs. Our full range of catering equipment has attracted a lot of attention from our customers and they’ve stayed to see what else is in store! From our popular stainless-steel cabinet to smaller items like our temperature data loggers. But more and more laboratory professionals have been finding us as a great source for high-quality tools that they depend on for their research. This is an area we continue to build-up and listen to your needs. We’ve even got a full range of melting furnaces! Where else are you going to get something like that? You won’t find it on our competitors websites, that’s for sure. So, if you have any professional or private research equipment needs, you’ll be able to find a high-quality product that is built to last when you go looking for that next crucial piece of your puzzle. You might just be starting out small with a temperature data logger, but once you see how easy it is to use our search, you’ll be adding a few extra items into that cart!