Catering Trolley

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When you have to move large quantities of food items from A to B, often it takes a lot more than a waiter with a tray. For arranging large deliveries, moving stock from a kitchen to a storage area or transporting items too heavy to carry, this quality catering trolley from expondo’s catering catalogue will be indispensible. Tough and hardwearing as our heavy-duty industrial equipment, a catering trolley bears the heaviest loads, meaning you don’t have to.

Transport food and other items stress-free

This top-range catering trolley can carry up to 330kg of goods, making it an essential for even the most intensive food production or catering operations. It’s an ideal solution for transporting catering appliances and other catering equipment within conference venues or other large buildings where functions are held in various different locations, and its modern, sleek design means that you don’t have to keep it out of sight of your guests or clients. The stainless steel load platform and high-quality construction materials ensure its robust structure and optimum hygiene, making it also suitable for food production operations such as farms, factories and abbatoirs. In large-scale catering facilities such as hospital canteens, schools and airports, you may even wish to invest in a fleet of catering trolleys to ensure that the flow of goods and items such as crockery can be smooth and efficient, so that everything is available when and where it is needed. Thanks to the easy-to-use folding function of these trolleys, they can be easily stored and just as easily deployed. Combine a catering trolley with a professional tray trolley to transport all the appliances, food and crockery you might need – perfect for weddings and other functions where you need to be mobile and keep up with turnover. From bakeries to restaurants, food fairs to covered markets, this tool is endlessly versatile, extremely useful and fail-safe in its simplicity.

A catering trolley built to last

The excellent quality of this catering trolley, manufactured by professional catering suppliers Royal Catering, is evident as soon as you begin using it. Say goodbye to the loud, unbearable clattering of rickety casters on hard floors - the rubber wheels with ball bearing mechanisms roll silently and smoothly, keeping your wares safe and avoiding disturbing your co-workers or guests, which is particularly important in areas such as hotel dining rooms or function halls. The rear wheels are steerable and engineered to make the trolley easy to control. Like our catering-quality serving trolleys and other stainless steel transportation devices this trolley is also easy to clean, making it a practical tool for transporting fresh foods, both packaged and unpackaged. The load platform is large and sturdy, meaning that you can fit a great deal onto the trolley at once, from boxes of fruit and veg to a whole set of buffet equipment. Furthermore, as with our other catering and craftsman’s supplies, the catering trolley is designed to last, making it a solid investment that you know you will be using for many years. Many long-term clients of expondo combine a stainless steel catering trolley with our other stainless steel furniture such as our stainless steel kitchen shelves, or even our sinks and other hygiene equipment, to ensure maximal cleanliness in their establishment. Whatever operation you are running, this catering trolley is sure to be a useful and reliable tool that will help keep your business rolling.