Air Ratchet

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Great engineering doesn’t come from creative vision alone. It depends on long-lasting, quality craftsmanship, even down to the final screw. Guarantee professional quality, longevity and safety in your work by making sure no nut, bolt or screw is overlooked. For tight hold on all kinds of screw connections, look no further than our handheld air ratchets from the maintenance experts at MSW. Not only do these compact devices create a secure connection, but they’ll save you time with quick disassembly during repairs and upgrades.

Choose MSW air ratchets to quickly loosen and secure screws

• Tighten and loosen screws • Save time and energy • Great for garages • 180 rpm • Automatic controller • Safe, comfortable use

MSW air ratchets can be safely used by budding DIY-ers as well as professionals. Whether your work is in carpentry, plumbing, construction, mechanics or engineering, this handy air ratchet will save you time and energy. It’s the ideal tool for garages workshops and construction sites alike. Regardless of where you work, when your against the clock, it’s important not to get bogged down with menial tasks like manual screwing and unscrewing, or fussing around with different sized wrenches and screw-drivers. An MSW air ratchet is reliable solution whether you’re going ‘righty tighty’ or ‘lefty loosey’. MSW air ratchets from our range of power tools, are delivered with an automatic mini oiler and oil container, for storing your lubricant. This can be easily attached to your air ratchet, ensuring a smooth and strong performance for longer. MSW air ratchets reach an impressive force of 85 Newton meters revolution power and can reach a speed of up to 180 revolutions per minute, making it effective even on tricky or highly resistant bolt connections, where manual force would not do the trick. This handheld device is already saving you time and energy! Our air ratchets are fitted with a convenient automatic controller which ensures that the number of revolutions cannot be accidentally changed during use. Designed to operate on low air consumption, the emitted air can be kept away from the work surface and poses minimal discomfort or risk to the user. As with all devices in our air tool range, the air ratchets are surprisingly light, compact and easy to transport. They are also designed with ergonomic, rubberised handling, maximising control and safety, and minimising discomfort.

Hard work made lighter than air!

• Wide range of air tools • Compact and powerful • Lubricant included • Plasma cutters for thick metals • Sanders for grinding and polishing • Suitable on wood, stone, metal and plastic • Tackle large areas and fine details

In our full range of air tools, you’ll find plenty more compact, high powered tools to use in the garage, workshop or construction site. Take a look at our convenient air grinders for sanding and polishing metals, particularly in the motor industry. Our dual-purpose model is designed with a cutting fixture for cutting and shaping metal sheets with ease. Speaking of cutting, we also have a selection of air nibblers capable of cutting through metal parts of various thicknesses up to 1.5mm and particularly useful in garages for cutting through metal car parts (also stock an alternative range of nibblers for tackling metals of up to 4mm). For our most powerful metal cutting device, look no further than our plasma cutters with cutting capacity of up to 12mm. These can be adjusted to work with a wide range of metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium and are designed in powder coated steel sheet casing. For a wide range of sanding and polishing options, check out our full range of electric sanders, featuring burnishing machines, mini-grinders, and sheet sanders. Whether you’re working with metal, wood, plastic or stone, you’ll find the right device for the job. Don’t forget, the Expondo range goes far beyond garages and construction sites. Have you discovered our growing range of catering equipment, with a wide choice of cooking and prepping devices for professional and private kitchens? As well as that, we stock an impressive range of industrial supplies featuring microcentrifuges, ultrasonic cleaners and a wide range of scales. Check out the full range today!