Air Hammer

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Whether you’re a professional construction worker, mechanic, repairs-person or a budding DIY-er, you’re bound to come up against the heavy duty task of breaking and cutting through tough materials. For maximum power and control in one compact device, we recommend the handheld air hammers from the DIY experts at MSW. Ideal for workshops, garages, manufacturing, toolboxes and homes, these lightweight power tools are ideal for quickly breaking and working tough materials such as stone, concrete and metal. The handy hammer tool is designed for use with five adjustable chisel settings, so you’re ready to quickly change tools from task to task.

Choose MSW air hammers with five chisel attachments

- Safe and intuitive to use - Ideal for garages, workshops, home-DIY - Five adjustable chisel settings - Easy to regulate power and speed - Made of sturdy materials - Lightweight and compact

MSW are the top Expondo choice when it comes to tools for garages, construction sites, and home-DIY. They pride themselves not only on safety and usability, but also on the quality of their design, providing you with years of sturdy and comfortable use even with heavy duty tasks. Our air hammers are designed to be safe and intuitive to use, even by beginners, but with an impressive 3,000 beat per minute rate, offers the performance and efficiency needed by professionals in the field. This powerful pneumatic air hammer comes with five different chisel attachments, making it quick and simple to adapt your device to separate tasks. With the integrated power controller you can also adjust the generated force - you always have full control over the speed and the power output. The speed can be comfortably altered using the regulator at the bottom of your air hammer. MSW hammers include a five-piece chisel set featuring one sheet metal separator, one universal, one flat, one pointed, and one prominent sheet metal separator chisels, giving you excellent multipurpose power in one handy device! MSW air hammers are also conveniently compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack away or take with you on jobs. The air hammer set includes an automatic mini-lubricator, which can be used for regular maintenance. Simply fasten the mini-oiler directly to the device, keeping the used lubricant airtight and preventing unwanted oil leakage. Like all our professional tools from MSW, their air hammers are making from hardwearing materials to give you years of use and return on investment. The casing consists of hardened steel and the handle is coated with durable aluminium. This not only gives your device a long life, but ensures maximum stability and comfort, use after use.

More from our air tools range

- Multi-purpose air sanders - Polishing, sanding and even cutting - Ideal for car repairs and bodyworks - Wide range of air tools - Various sanding devices - Work with stone, metal, wood and plastic

As well as our air hammers, we’ve got plenty more convenient handheld devices for professionals and home-users in our full range of air tools. Here, you’ll find our air sanders and grinders for making quick work of grinding and polished metal surfaces such as pipes and car parts. We even have a convenient multi-purpose filet welt grinder with a cutting disk attachment – that’s two powerful devices in one! Also in our range of air tools, you’ll spot our powerful air nibblers. These handheld nibblers will effortlessly cut through metal sheets of us 1.5mm -ideal for bodyworks and car repairs. While you’re there, keep an eye out for our ratchets too - perfectly suited for working with common metal parts found in garage and construction tasks. Speaking of working with stone and metal, our range of electric sanders will give you excellent power and control over a wide range of sanding, polishing and engraving jobs. We’ve got accurate detail sanders for details, edges, corners and engraving, as well as burnishing machines to help you cover large surface areas in no time at all. Our sanding range also features the MSW pipe belt sander for the grinding and polishing of rounded materials (such as pipes, tools, furniture parts etc.) with a maximum diameter of 180 mm. Don’t forget, the Expondo range doesn’t stop with construction and repairs! We’ve also got an expanding range of catering and cooking supplies for homes and businesses, as well as a wide range of industrial equipment for labs, factories and schools. Discover the full range today!