MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
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MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled

Manufacturer: Stamos Germany | item number: EX10021085 | Model: S-MIG 400

MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled
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Product highlights

  • MIG / MAG / MMA / FLUX
  • 400 A / 400 V
  • Water-cooled
  • 60 % duty cycle
  • VRD / 2-touch / 4-touch

Note: A 400 V plug is not included in delivery.

  • High-performance - MIG/MAG welding with 400 A and 400 V
  • Enduring - duty cycle of 60 % at 400 A, 100 % at 310 A
  • Safe - reliable water cooling system for the MIG torch
  • Versatile - additional functions include inductance, VRD, arc force and anti-stick
  • Easy-to-use - control knobs and digital menu navigation
  • Precise - LED display for checking selected values on the device and on the water cooling system

The powerful MIG/MAG welding machine on wheels

The professional MIG/MAG welding machine S-MIG 400 boasts remarkable performance values as well as a clear advantage when it comes to operation with a welding strength of up to 20 mm. The digital menu navigation and large control knobs enable you to quickly and reliably select all values. The torch's reliable water cooling system ensures the necessary safety even when welding at high performance values.

The MIG MAG welder enables you to maintain a cool MIG torch in any welding situation

With a duty cycle of 60 percent, the welding current has a maximum power of 400 A. If you turn the power down to 310 A, then you can weld without interruption. The clearly arranged control panel with two LED displays gives you maximum control over the required welding parameters and is also easy to use while wearing welding gloves. You can freely adjust the amperage and the voltage (MIG) on the inert gas welding machine, specify the inductance, switch between 2-stroke or 4-stroke operation, or choose the welding process you require.

MIG/MAG - fast, effective and universally-applicable

Specify the inductance via a control knob when MIG/MAG welding. Other knobs allow you to set the wire feed between 2,5 and 24 m/min and set the welding voltage. The MIG torch is connected to a water cooling system and guarantees first-class welding results even at high output. The external wire feeder for the torch is synchronised with the MIG welder and is also equipped with two LED displays and two control knobs for the welding voltage and the wire feed speed. The feeder makes it easy to replace wire spools with a diameter of up to 200 mm.

FCAW - weld smaller metal work with flux-cored wire

FCAW welding produces a weld seam by means of a cored wire, without the need for additional gas as protection. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of small metalwork, repairs or base welding work on cars.

MMA - flexible electrode welding without extra gas

No additional gas is required for MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding, enabling you to use it outdoors even in strong wind. The arc force and anti-stick functions ensure optimal welding results. The VDR function can be enabled for increased security through voltage reduction, especially when you need to weld in damp environments.

The MIG MAG welding machine is equipped with an undercarriage which makes it especially easy to transport. There is space above the rear wheels for a gas cylinder which can be secured with a bracket and two chains.

S-MIG 400
400 V (3 phases)
Rated input current
MIG 19,3 A / MMA: 20,4 A
Max. input current
MIG 24,8 A / MMA: 25,8 A
Max. input power
MIG 17,74 kVA / MMA: 18,17 kVA
Open circuit voltage
60 V
Welding current MIG
50 - 400 A
Welding voltage MIG
16,5 - 34 V
Welding current MMA
25 - 400 A
Duty cycle
60 %
Welding current at 100% duty cycle
310 A
Welding current at 60% duty cycle
400 A
Welding strength
1-20 mm
Diameter, wire
0.8-1.6 mm
Diameter, wire spool
200 mm
Wire feed speed
2,5 - 24 m/min
2 T / 4 T
ARC force
Solenoid valve
MIG welding torch with cable
3 m
Electrode holders with cable
3 m
Max. diameter, electrode
5 mm
Earth cable with clamp
3 m
Power factor
Efficiency (below rated power)
Device cooling system
Torch cooling system
Volume, water
1,4 - 5,25 L
Water flow
1,5 L/min
Water cooling type
Insulation class
Protection class
Power cable
2 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
107,5 x 50 x 138 cm
76 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
193 x 94 x 160 cm
Shipping weight
121,2 kg
Delivery Package
  • MIG/MAG welding machine S-MIG 400
  • External wire feeder
  • Water cooling system
  • MIG torch with cable
  • Electrode holders with cable
  • 2 hoses for water cooling system
  • Gas hose
  • Cable for external wire feeder
  • Connection for external wire feeder
  • 3 screws for connection
  • 12-pin connection cable for external wire feeder
  • Earth clamp with cable
  • Chain for gas cylinder
  • Clamp for gas line
  • MIG contact tip
  • Universal key
  • Instruction manual

IGBT = insulated-gate bipolar transistor. IGBT is a bipolar transistor with an insulated gate electrode. This semi-conducting device is being increasingly used in power electronics because it combines the advantages of two transistor types: the easy controls of the field effect transistor and the fast switching and high breakdown voltage of the bipolar transistor. The IGBT also offers some robustness against short circuits because it limits the electrical continuity. IGBTs are a further development of MOSFET technology.

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TIG/MIG and MAG welding require a protective gas. Inert gases, such as argon and helium, as well as active gases (for example carbon dioxide) and other mixtures can be used. The solenoid valve regulates the flow of gas. The valve is operated via a button on the torch.

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This device works with a 3-phase connection (400 V +/- 10 %).


If welding with more than 200 A it is recommend that a cooler is used. The connections of the welding device and the cooler-lines are marked accordingly with colours.




Start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.


By pressing the torch button the solenoid valve opens. allowing the gas to flow in. The gas pre-flow ignites the arc at the pre-set current. Releasing the burner button initiates a rise in the current to that of the pre-set welding current. The welding process stops once you press the burner button again.

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The current value increases automatically when the arc is shorter.


This function helps to prevent overheating of the electrode by switching off the welding current when the electrode sticks to the material.

INDUCTANCE (spatter)

Along with the current change the value of the inductance is changed to reduce the amount of spatter.


Electrode welding with a coated electrode.


Welding with wire feed in a protective atmosphere.


Choose between the 2T and 4T mode.


By using the SHIFT key the welding mode can be selected.


Shows the welding / cutting parameters.


The LED light indicates overheating or a malfunction.

Do I need a welding trolley for this device?

No, the MIG welding machine is equipped with wheels and a storage space for a gas cylinder so you can easily transport the welder to the job site.

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Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
This product
  • MIG / MAG / MMA / FLUX
  • 400 A / 400 V
  • Water-cooled
  • 60 % duty cycle
  • VRD / 2-touch / 4-touch

Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 10-15 workdays

MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled

MIG/MAG Welding Machine - 400 A - 400 V - water-cooled


Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 10-15 workdays

  • MIG / MAG / MMA / FLUX
  • 400 A / 400 V
  • Water-cooled
  • 60 % duty cycle
  • VRD / 2-touch / 4-touch