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Model: MSW-CDB-25/12

Core Drill Bit HSS - Ø 12 mm - 25 mm

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  • Extremely hard special steel for effortless drilling and long service life
  • Sophisticated tooth tip design with changing geometry
  • Thin-walled construction
  • Effortless, without multiple drilling
  • Faster than twist drills


Core Drill Bit HSS - Ø 12 mm - 25 mm

With a core drill, you can drill holes quickly and effectively into metals such as steel, aluminium copper, but also fibreglass or carbon. The core drill bits by MSW fit into ¾ inch (19 mm) diameter Weldon shanks, are extra hardened and excellent for metal work in garages, shipbuilding or production.

The core drill with a diameter of 12 mm is made of extra hardened HSS special steel with a hardness of M2. The tooth tips of the drill have an elevated degree of hardness of 65 HRC. As a result, it can drill holes with a cutting depth of 25 mm into a wide variety of metals, without any problems. If the teeth lose their sharpness, they can always be sharpened with a standard sharpener.

The core drill has the advantage over a twist drill that it drills holes only using its edges. This reduces the drilling area, which has a positive effect on the result. Due to the thin-walled design of the core drills by MSW and their tooth construction, these drills can be used for particularly fast and error-free drilling. For an effortless change of the drill, the respective size has been engraved on the shaft.