Commercial Dishwasher

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Your signature tiramisu might be the piece de résistance of your restaurant, but all cooking professionals know that there’s much more to running a kitchen than what you see on the plate. There are dozens of steps to think of from kitting out your kitchen with great catering supplies and storage, taking deliveries, health and safety checks, and of course, cleaning and maintenance. With a commercial dishwasher from the kitchenware experts at Bartscher, you not only guarantee sparklingly clean results, but also a smooth-running kitchen service that will keep the orders coming out hot! Discover our full range of dishwashing units, built with hardwearing materials, and suitable for a wide range of cooking spaces, both private and commercial.

Choose a commercial dishwasher to keeping the kitchen running smoothly

Stop dirty dishes from piling up! • Private and commercial kitchens • Large capacity • Fast washing cycle • Improve health and safety standards • Hardwearing materials • Loading baskets included

One thing that sets a professional kitchen aside from the rest is a great ‘clean as you go’ attitude. After all, there’s nothing worse than hitting the busy rush and having your hands full with washing up, or even worse, having no clean plates to serve with. Keep your kitchen running like clockwork with hard-working hygiene supplies from expert cooking names like Royal Catering and Bartscher. Our commercial dishwasher range from Bartscher is suitable across a wide range of kitchens and even private homes. For pubs, cafés, restaurants and more, you can refresh your supply of clean glasses, plates and utensils as you go. With efficient loading time and excellent space-saving design, your fast-acting commercial dishwasher can complete a wash cycle in as little as 120 seconds – considerably faster than a standard dishwasher. At the end of a busy service, you can also use your commercial dishwasher to thoroughly clean GN containers, chopping boards, and other dishwasher-friendly cooking gadgets. Sometimes speedy results can compromise on quality – but not with a Bartscher commercial dishwasher. Each fast-acting commercial dishwasher in our range is built to help you maintain health and safety standards by cleaning at high-temperatures and using a powerful rinse mechanism. Each commercial dishwasher is built with hardwearing chrome plated steel and stainless steel, giving you years of use. The standard loading-basket size 500 x 500mm, with separate designs for glasses, plates and cutlery. To keep the cycle of clean and dirty dishes moving, you can even order additional baskets and rinse grids, suitable across each of our stainless steel commercial dishwasher units. Furthermore, stainless steel is a high-quality material used across expondo’s product selection including high-quality bain-maries.

For every task in your kitchen

• Stainless steel furniture • Easy to clean surfaces • Hygiene devices • Draining equipment • Powerful spray taps • Precision scales

The Expondo range of kitchen supplies doesn’t stop with dishwashing. We know there are lots more nitty gritty tasks going on behind the scenes. In our full range of stainless steel furniture you’ll find a range of hardwearing worktables and storage shelves, ideal for prepping and storing ingredients. These lightweight kitchen units can be adjusted in height, to suit the size and function of your kitchen. And of course, their stainless steel surface is easy to clean. Our low-noise stainless steel trolleys are bound to help to keep service and clean-up time running like clockwork. Our full range of hygiene supplies is packed with ingenious gadgets to encourage excellent hygiene practise in your business. You’ll find towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and hand wash basins, including the ingenious knee-contact hand wash basin which minimises the spread of bacteria from hands to surfaces. Each device is crafted with stainless steel, which is hardwearing and easy to sanitise. Our cheapest handwash basin is ideal for saving space in compact kitchens, with its three-sided upstand protecting your surfaces from splashes and highly intuitive temperature control. To keep your washing stations (and other facilities such as toilets, showers, and hand wash basins) clear of excess build-up, look no further than our easy-to-use drainage equipment from our range of professional tools. Our kitchen spray taps are the ideal companion for your commercial dishwasher, helping you to quickly rinse and remove large or stubborn residue from plates and utensils, before deep cleaning. In our full range of industrial supplies, you’ll also find stainless steel-topped precision scales, ideal for hygienically weighing and pricing ingredients and deliveries. Who knew there were so many tasks to be completed, before you’ve even chopped an onion?