Commercial Sink

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Great hygiene practise is a kitchen’s best friend! It doesn’t matter if you’re serving up the finest dishes in town if you don’t have the right cleaning and hygiene equipment to keep your kitchen operating at its best. For effective and efficient dishwashing, looking no further than our commercial sink range from the kitchen gurus at Royal Catering. This stainless steel range offers you a great selection of washing stations with up to three basins to keep different dishes and washing processes separate. No more backlogs of dirty dishes causing delay to your dinner orders! Check out the full range below.

Efficient dishwashing with a commercial sink from Royal Catering

• Up to three basins • Stainless steel • Splash protection • Easy to clean • Accessories included

The kitchen experts at Royal Catering have designed a sink range that not only helps you make the best use of even the most compact kitchen spaces, they’ll also save you time. Available in a range of sizes, you can choose a compact one-basin option or invest in a large three-basin option for bigger, more industrious kitchens. From small cafes and pizzerias to busy cafeterias and hotel kitchens – you all know the feeling of chaos when the dirty dishes start to mount. Our commercial sink range is part of a wide selection of stainless steel furniture from Royal Catering and Bartscher, and is chosen for both its long-lasting, durable nature and its elegant finish. Not only that, but they are easy to keep clean! With a large splash protection system installed as standard, you can rest your mind when it comes to water damage. For bigger kitchens, the three-basin commercial sink allows you to organise your dishwashing system. You can use the first basin to pre-soak your cooking utensils, washing and scrub in the second, and rinse them in the third basin. Easy as ABC! Each commercial sink is equipped with a strainer, which means that food or other waste is not fed into the drain pipe during the washing process. And installation is easy, thanks to the screw holes at the back of each commercial sink. Thanks to the height-adjustable feet, you can even adjust the sink to your desired working height. Of course, sink accessories such as a drain pipe with screen basket valve, sealing rings, and rubber valve plugs, are all included as standard as part of the delivery package.

Hygiene supplies for every business

• Easy to clean equipment • Removable parts • Overspill protection • Cleaning trolleys • Drainage supplies • Ultrasonic cleaners

At Expondo, we understand that investing in efficient kitchen equipment, you can something that saves you time as well as giving you a great result. That’s why we choose equipment that’s easy to clean, whether it’s our deep fat fryers with removable heating elements or our best-selling waffle makers with integrated overflow protection. No mess, no fuss! Of course, when it comes to keeping up with hygiene standards, it doesn’t stop with dishwashing. We’ve got a whole range of stainless steel hygiene supplies including hand dryers, knee-touch wash basins, and soap dispensers. In our range of hotel equipment, you’ll also find glass polishers – the perfect device to pair with your new commercial sink, and a safe and efficient way to keep glasses sparkling clean! Here you’ll also find our two-bucket cleaning trolleys, ideal for all businesses, not just hospitality. Our Singercon cleaning trolleys are fitted with sturdy rubber wheels and come with two colour-coded mopping buckets, so you can keep fresh and dirty water separate for a sparkling finish every time! We also the ordeal of dealing with a blocked sink or toilet! Make fast work of blockages and build-up with our selection of draining equipment over in our range of professional tools. Finally, for the ultimate cleaning job in sanitised environments, our ultrasonic cleaners from our range of industrial supplies will give you a 100% thorough clean on your metal utensils from tweezers to tattoo equipment, ideal for dentists, cosmetic studios, laboratories, tattoo parlours and more. Wherever you work, make sure you keep it clean!