Kitchen Spray Taps

True enough, your customers will mostly choose a restaurant based on the quality of your menu, the reputation of service, or even the eye-catching décor. But it’s often what they don’t see that sets the true standard in the professional food industry. Hygiene and food safety are some of the most important everyday tasks on a restaurant’s to-do list. This includes ensuring fresh produce, monitoring cooking and storage temperatures, and of course, rigorous cleaning and hygiene processes. With our selection of kitchen spray taps from Bartscher, you can ensure quick and thorough cleaning of all your crockery and cooking equipment, while making sure your kitchen is running as efficiently as possible.

High-powered kitchen spray taps to keep your dishes sparkling

• Professional and home kitchens • Remove excess food and residue • Cut down on cleaning time • Hardwearing • High-powered jet stream • Swivel spout rotatable 180 degrees

At Expondo, we believe that smart cleaning is one of the keys to a well-run kitchen. This is not only about getting great results, but also minimising the time spent on menial tasks to help your kitchen staff keep the orders flowing. There’s nothing worse than a pile of uncleaned dishes just as the busy run hits! Maximise your workforce with our range of kitchen spray taps, designed to quickly remove excess food and residue from your cooking equipment before deep cleaning. Not only does this speed up the process of cleaning dishes, it also minimising the risk of clogging your dishwasher, which can cause major backlog in the kitchen. Our kitchen spray taps, from our wide range of hygiene supplies, are suitable across all kinds of kitchens, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and pubs. They are also convenient and easy to use in home kitchens. Even labs and schools will benefit from our high-powered kitchen spray taps, for cleaning up scientific and industrial equipment, or even art supplies. Our kitchen spray taps enable rapid cleaning of dishes with pace and ease, by use of a high-powered water jet. Fitted with a stream regulator, the robust pre-rinse gun is designed with elegant coronachrome, stainless steel, and chromium, making it hardwearing and easy to clean after a day’s use. For ease of use, the swivel spout can be rotated 180 degrees, to tackle those hard-to-reach areas. For the ideal companion to our kitchen spray taps, take a look at our stainless steel sink cabinets from our complete kitchen range, fitted with a 10cm upstand to minimise splashback.

Hygiene matters, wherever you work

• Stainless steel hand-dryers • Hands-free basins and soap dispensers • Monitor soap levels • Elegant and hard wearing • Stainless steel furniture • Adjustable shelves within

In our wide range of hygiene supplies, we’ve got plenty more ingenious examples of gadgets and furniture to help you maintain food safety standards and cut down on cleaning time. Take a look at our line of stainless steel hand-dryers, hand wash basins, and towel-dispensers, all designed to be easy to use, with as little hand contact as possible, in order to cut down on the spread of bacteria. The ingenious knee contact hand wash basin from the kitchen experts at Royal Catering is a great example of smart-cleaning in action. Simply operate the tap using the knee-level panel in front – totally hands-free! Our selection of soap dispensers from Bartscher are also built with this in mind. Their hands-free soap dispenser can be operated by elbow, using the easy-access switch. It’s elegant aluminium body holds the 1L refillable tank, which is also transparent, allowing you to keep an eye on soap-levels. Our full range of commercial hand wash basins features sinks in various sizes to suit your kitchen or business space – ideal for both staff and customers. If you look in our full range of stainless steel furniture, you’ll find plenty more reasons why it’s our top choice of material in the kitchen and beyond. We’ve got a wide selection of food display and serving solutions, as well as stainless steel shelves and cabinets in various sizes. With their adjustable shelves within, our spacious stainless steel cabinets can be adjusted to fit your needs, storing smaller items such as food and utensils, or even cooking equipment, power tools and craft supplies. Consider stainless steel for your next furniture upgrade. Because hygiene matters, wherever you work.