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Aquaphor Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - replacement filter set K2 + K5 + K7M

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  • Hygienic—filters contaminants such as chlorine and heavy metals out of the water
  • Fresh—mineralises the water for a better taste
  • Simple—replace the filters with just the push of a button and a short twist
  • Safe—replacement in housing avoids contact with contaminants
  • Exact—for the reverse osmosis system RO-101S


Aquaphor reverse osmosis water filters for the purest water with optimal mineralisation

The Aquaphor reverse osmosis water filters RO-101S MORION BIG SERVICE ensure soft, pure water free of 99.99 % of contaminants. The improved taste makes it perfect for drinking water or for preparing food and beverages. The set consists of three filters and is designed for the reverse osmosis system RO-101S MORION.

The water softening filters with that certain something extra when it comes to protecting your health

The K5 filter is a polypropylene sediment filter. The water is mechanically prefiltered through it and freed of particles larger than 5 µm such as sand or rust. It protects the following filtration stages and extends the lifetime of the reverse osmosis system. The K2 activated carbon block filter was developed with carbon fibre block technology. Fine-particle activated carbon made of coconut shells in combination with ion exchanger Aqualen fibres and active ionic silver reliably removes heavy metals, chlorine, organic substances and particles down to 3 µm from the water. As the last stage of the treatment process, the Aquaphor K7M filter is responsible for the mineralisation and good taste of the filtered water.

Replacing the filters is very easy. You can remove or insert the filters with the push of a button and a quick twist. The filters are replaced directly in the housing. This avoids contact with contaminants. Replacing the filters regularly ensures the longevity of the filtration system and consistently high water quality. We recommend replacing the filters every four to six months.