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Aquaphor activated carbon system - for water - three-stage - 2.5 l/min - including water tap

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  • Hygienic—filters contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals or bacteria out of the water
  • Fresh—reliably softens water of every degree of hardness
  • Efficient—with a tap water pressure of up to 6.5 bar, the activated carbon system filters up to 2.5 L of water per minute—without a tank or a power connection
  • Space-saving—thanks to the small dimensions of just 36 x 9 x 34 cm


The Aquaphor activated carbon filter system for filtered water without chemicals, electricity or a tank

The Aquaphor activated carbon filter system Crystal B ECO with tap ensures soft, pure water without the need for a tank or a power connection. The three-stage filtration system frees the water of heavy metals, iron, active chlorine, organic substances and bacteria, as well as softening it. The result is not only hygienically flawless, but also impresses with its excellent taste. In addition to use in private homes, the activated carbon filter system is particularly suitable for professional use in the catering industry, for example for ice cream production or for coffee machines in continuous use, as well as for washing machines and dishwashers.

The water softening system without electricity or tank

The three water filters build on each other and ensure the highest water quality: The K3 filter is an activated carbon block with ion exchanger Aqualen fibres and silver ions. This filter removes particles down to 5 µm in size, such as heavy metals, iron, active chlorine or organic substances. It protects the following filtration stages and extends the lifetime of the filtration system. The K7 activated carbon block filter with fine-particle activated carbon made of coconut shells in combination with Aqualen fibres and active ionic silver reliably removes particles down to 0.8 µm from the water. As the last stage of the filtration process, the K7B filter handles the microfiltration of the water with its hollow fibre membrane. It removes all common impurities such as chlorine, lead and bacteria, as well as particles and germs down to 0.1 µm. The filtered result flows with 6.5 bar line pressure and 2.5 L per minute from the included tap, separately from the unfiltered tap water.

Thanks to its small dimensions of only 36 x 9 x 34 cm, the filter system for drinking water can be installed anywhere in a space-saving manner. The activated carbon filter system is very easy to install and connect to the household water supply, even for a layperson. Thanks to colour-coded connections and detailed instructions, the water filter system can be quickly and correctly installed without any prior knowledge and offers the finest water that meets the highest standards of taste and hygiene.