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Air Cooler - 40 L water tank - 3-in-1

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Item: EX10250407


Model: UNI_COOLER_06

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Key features
  • Versatile—3-in-1 device: cools, cleans and humidifies the air
  • Effective—long-lasting cooling thanks to 40 L water tank
  • Cost-efficient—just 150 W power consumption for cooling function
  • Intuitive—3 knobs for easy operation
  • Adjustable—3 speeds, 3 cooling stages, selectable swivel movement
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8 months ago Posted on Expondo United Kingdom

Excellent Product

Very good performance. Definitely will recommend to other friends & families

7 months ago Posted on Expondo Switzerland

Serves its purpose

Fan serves its purpose. Good air circulation. Thanks to the compartment for the ice pack, the temperature can be cooled down slightly. Of course no air conditioning. But serves its purpose very well. Let it run through the day. A bit loud for the night. A very good price-performance ratio.

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last year Posted on Amazon Italy

it's refreshing but....

the cooler works very well, it is well built and manages to lower the temperature of my room by 3-4 degrees, the only negative notes are the noise which is quite high and the tank declared to have a capacity of 40 liters but in reality it contains a maximum of 25 -30 liters of water

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last year Posted on Expondo Germany

Good cooling performance

The device is solidly built and cools very well. I have to say that my device was B-stock and the tub was leaking. With an ambient humidity of 20% and 36°C, I was able to cool down by 8°C with this device. This with the doors and windows open. One point is really very bad about this device and that is the wheels. The device is difficult to move without water and not at all with water. I will be installing other roles in this regard as soon as possible. Therefore one star less! Due to the high air flow, a relatively large amount of dust is sucked in, which I deposit in the container. The tub has a drain and if you carefully remove the cooling material (at the back of the device) you can clean the tub wonderfully. You should always let the device run dry, otherwise the cooling material will start to stink. This is something you should pay attention to, but it is the case with all air conditioning systems and is therefore completely normal. The electrics are also properly wired. Not a botch to be found. Unfortunately, the cooling material on the left side of my device was cut too short (approx. 5-10mm) so that the spray dripped into the fan. I placed a small piece of garden hose under the cooling material. Flow and ice box area is sufficient for standard cool box batteries.

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Danke für Ihr positives und hilfreiches Feedback. 

Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen. Bis bald und einen schönen Tag noch! 

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