Item: EX10031085


Model: SBS-MD-26

Metal Detector - detection depth 24 cm - Ø 24 cm - telescopic arm: 96 - 120 cm

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  • Precise – detector locates even small objects (coins etc.) up to a 24 cm depth
  • Versatile – four different search functions: All Metals, Exclude (Disc), Select (Notch), Show (Pinpoint)
  • Waterproof – a waterproof search coil for use in rain and in shallow waters
  • Clear – all important functions and displays of the control panel with LCD at a glance


The perfect metal detector for treasure hunters big and small

He who seeks shall find! Whether you are looking for that lost wedding ring in the garden, a gold treasure in the forest, ammunition on old battlefields or cables in the wall - with the metal detector from Steinberg Systems's industrial supplies you can search purposefully for any item.

Find gold, silver and metal with metal detectors from the measurement technology of Steinberg Systems

Thanks to an intuitive control panel and the LC display, you can locate even small objects such as coins, rings or nails with the metal detector if they are not buried deeper than 24 cm in the ground. Four different modes are available for the search: "All Metal" detects seven types of metal, has an automatic ground balance and has a high sensitivity. If, on the other hand, you select "Disc", the display of certain types of metal is switched off for more precise differentiation. Use "Notch" to select frequency ranges for specific metals and "Pinpoint" to point to the location of the item you are looking for.

Cutting-edge technology makes the power consumption of this waterproof metal detector very low. Operate the metal probe with two 9 V batteries. A charge level indicator informs you about the status of the batteries. It can be used anywhere thanks to its light weight. This is because of the telescopic arm that can be extended between 96 - 120 cm, which means that small and large treasure hunters can start searching without having to bend down. The padded armrest of the ergonomic metal detector wand guarantees a maximum effective as well as comfortable search. The highlight: find hidden metal objects even in the rain, the snow or in shallow waters, because the metal coil is absolutely waterproof!