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Model: SBS-PH-140

Digital Water Meter - Temperature - pH - EC - TDS - CF

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  • Extensive – five measuring ranges (temperature, pH, EC, TDS, CF) with one device
  • Precise – low deviation of the measurement results with ±0.1 pH; ±1 °C (±0.2 °F); and ±2 % of the final value for EC, TDS and CF
  • Clear – all values are always in view on three LCD displays
  • Effective – equipped with fast and accurate sensors for pH, conductivity and temperature
  • Safe – protection against water and dust according to protection class IP66


The comprehensive water meter with five indicators

Want to know more about the water quality in your pool, the osmosis level or your aquarium? Then determine meaningful values with the digital water meter from Steinberg Systems. It informs you about the temperature, pH value and conductance values about the purity of the water such as the EC, TDC or CF value. The digital water meter provides you with all the values clearly arranged on three LCD displays.

Use the pH-EC meter with wide measuring spans and high precision

The pH-EC meter is equipped with two sensors that provide you with quick and direct information about the water quality. The measuring range is designed to provide maximum information for each indicator. Determine the pH value according to common standards from 0 -14. The EC value from 0 - 19.99 EC, the CF value from 0 - 199.9 CF as well as the TDS value from 10 - 9990 ppm provide you with an overview of conductivity values such as the salinity or conductivity of the water. All values are precisely displayed with an accuracy of ±0.1 pH, ±1 °C or ±2 % of the final value for EC, CF and TDS. Use this data to improve the quality of your water in a targeted manner or to maintain it at a high level!

The control panel with three LCD displays is clearly laid out and you can operate it with just a few buttons. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery, which you can easily recharge with a mains adapter if required. The case complies with protection class IP66 and thus protects against dust and strong water jets.