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Workbench - with drawer - 230 kg

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Item: EX10061376


Model: MSW-WWB 200

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  • Neat—tools and materials like screws or drills are always ready to hand on the pegboard and in the drawer
  • Stable—robust construction steel and MDF board construction
  • Spacious—large 119 x 59 cm work surface and comfortable working height of 90 cm
  • Resilient—suited even for heavy objects and tools with a total load of 230 kg
  • Versatile—deep shelves, work surface and shelf above the pegboard




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last year expondo customer


It wasn't too expensive. It was already suspicious. It arrived quickly and undamaged. There was no problem with that part. Its assembly is quite complicated. I do not recommend it as a work table at all. It is assembled from plates less than 1 mm thick. It doesn't even stand on its own! It had to be attached to the wall with screws. The pozdorja sheets are very thin and weak. Unfortunately, it cannot be used without confirmation.

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Köszönjük visszajelzését, folyamatosan dolgozunk termékünk fejlesztésén.

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last year expondo customer

Good luck

I have just assembled this workbench: twisted metal parts, approximate instructions = big hassle

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Merci de nous l'avoir fait savoir.

Nous voulons toujours aider et améliorer, mais pour ce faire, nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour éviter que cela ne se reproduise à l'avenir.

Ensemble, nous y parviendrons.

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last year expondo customer


The construction is good, everything fits, but it is all very lightweight. Assembling is not difficult, but it is important to get the pieces in the right positions because sometimes you can also assemble them the other way around, where it is not immediately logical what the correct assembly is. Then you have to take everything apart again later. This should be explained a little better in the instruction manual.

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6 months ago Originally posted on amazon

They were just the cheapest

The shelves themselves are stable, but the gap was probably calculated without the powder coating, not a single piece of the parts could be put together without doing anything, the noses had to be bent everywhere. The stickers also slipped, or the person just didn't pay attention to where he was sticking them... In keeping with the price.

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2 years ago Originally posted on amazon

Better assembly instructions would be nice, otherwise good

Assembly instructions not so good, otherwise everything ok

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8 months ago Originally posted on mano_mano

Difficult to ask for much given the price. Good size but very light. It will be fine for a little storage but don't plan on tinkering with it. Very light instructions

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last year expondo customer

You are not allowed to buy it!

all parts are not dimensionally accurate, there are 10-14 degree deviations in angles, angle irons are bent crosswise by 3-4mm; cannot be assembled!

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Köszönjük visszajelzését, folyamatosan dolgozunk termékünk fejlesztésén.

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2 months ago expondo customer

The drawer came loose in the first month and cannot be hung up again. The plate on top is loose and the table is generally not solid. You get what you pay for - cheap and bad.

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last year expondo customer


Bad product in general. Poor finishes and poor quality. The price wasn't anything extraordinary either. Assembly is easy but for those who are inexperienced it can be more tedious as the manual does not illustrate it very well in the images.

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Obrigado por nos avisar. 

Queremos sempre ajudar e melhorar. Para o fazer, precisamos do vosso apoio para evitar situações semelhantes no futuro. 

Juntos seremos capazes de o fazer! 

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