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Model: MSW-WWB 200

Workbench - with drawer - 230 kg

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  • Neat—tools and materials like screws or drills are always ready to hand on the pegboard and in the drawer
  • Stable—robust construction steel and MDF board construction
  • Spacious—large 119 x 59 cm work surface and comfortable working height of 90 cm
  • Resilient—suited even for heavy objects and tools with a total load of 230 kg
  • Versatile—deep shelves, work surface and shelf above the pegboard


The workbench brings order to your workshop

No one wants to spend ages searching for their tools—and where were the screws again? The workbench not only provides a large work surface for working on your projects, but also organisational elements that make your work much easier. Shelves, a pegboard and a spacious drawer offer space for everything you need for your projects. Whether you want to solder, drill or saw, everything is within reach on the workbench!

The sturdy workbench with drawer, pegboard and shelves

The robust construction can withstand even heavy-duty work and can be loaded with materials up to 230 kg. The garage workbench is made of resilient construction steel, and the MDF work surface is highly impervious. With a surface area of 119 x 59 cm, the workshop bench’s surface offers plenty of space for tools and materials weighing up to 100 kg. You can secure different machines to the edge or attach a vice.

The pegboard is especially practical if you want to keep your tools in view and ready to hand while you work. It can a total weight of up to 20 kg. The 6 cm-deep drawer offers enough room for drills, screwdrivers or screws. It can be easily pulled out by a handle so you can see at a glance where your work materials are.

A shelf at foot height offers additional storage space where you can easily store buckets or toolboxes up to a weight of 100 kg. There is a narrow shelf above the pegboard where you can keep paint cans or other items that don't need to be within easy reach.