Glass Sucker

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Get an extra pair of hands with hardwearing glass suckers

We understand the needs of a hard worker. Whether you’re a proud craftsman, busy transporter or a DIY enthusiast, we know that all you want is the right equipment to make your daily tasks just that bit easier, especially if you’re lifting, loading, transporting or working with heavy duty materials such as glass, wood and metals. Well you can do just that with our new range of glass suckers from the DIY experts at MSW, one of our most popular professional tools, and a valuable addition to your workshop equipment for your home or business.

Ease the load

  • Transport wood, metal, glass and more.
  • Aluminium material; light and robust
  • Secure, easy to use levers
  • Optimum safety guaranteed

Mirrors, glass doors, or large metal sheets – whatever industry you work in, carrying heavy objects is no fun for anyone. Having to lift it back and forth all-day-everyday is even more of a headache… or backache! With our range of robust glass suckers, we aim to help ease that everyday load. Found our range of workshop equipment, our glass suckers have a lifting capacity of 120kg per suction cup, which means they can easily and securely transport some of your heaviest materials – just check out some of our resilient industrial equipment to prove us wrong! And due to the high-quality, secure design, maximum safety is ensured while lifting, moving or pulling whatever material you’re in need of. As long as the object's surface is flat, clean and non-porous, these lightweight glass suckers are the perfect solution to nearly all your transportation problems. When browsing our variety of lifting equipment, whether for wood, metal or glass panels, our range of glass suckers offer a simple design with their smooth, easy to use levers. Simply use the plastic levers to attach the suction cups securely to whatever object that you’re transporting. What results is a vacuum, which allows you to safely move objects without the need for handles. A very handy addition to your personal and professional garage equipment too!

Glass lifter suction cups to suit your needs

  • Lifting capacity of up to 120 kg
  • 1, 2 or 3 suction cups
  • Solo and team lifting
  • Perfect for commercial glasswork
  • Space-saving compact design

We understand that lifting can be a very diverse task. That’s why in our full Expondo catalogue, we have a range of diverse glass suckers to suit your needs. The maximum weight that our glass suckers can carry varies from 50kg to 120kg, making them a resilient tool for thin or thick glass, narrow or wide metal, small or large mirrors and more. The suction cups conveniently come in sets of one, two or three, meaning you can lift very large objects all by yourself, or as a team when needed, whether from the garage to your vehicle, or from your work-van to an on-site installation for your customer. These glass suckers are particularly useful for industrial use and commercial glasswork. You will also be glad to hear that although our glass suckers are made to transport some of your largest materials, they are designed as light and compact tools with dimensions of 32 x 12 x 10 cm and the weight of 700 g. For this reason, they are super easy to store alongside any other equipment that might be lurking in your garage or workspace – why not check out our wide range of sport and health equipment if you’re looking for some new additions! So save space, and most importantly, save your energy with our range of glass suckers. Much like a sturdy step ladder or a reliable engine stand, our glass suckers are trustworthy and ergonomic, a must-have tool for every professional! Don’t forget that our full Expondo catalogue boasts equipment for nearly every profession you can think of – start off with a look at our catering equipment for hotels and restaurants, or lab equipment for schools and testing facilities to see just what we’re talking about!