Item: EX10061435


Model: MSW-DCD-450/220-PRO

diamond core drill bit - Ø 220 mm - 450 mm

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  • High-quality—robust  drill bit made of Steel with diamond coating
  • Powerful—for drilling stone, ceramic, tile, concrete and more
  • Versatile—for dry and wet drilling
  • Compatible—reliable threaded connector G1: 1 ⅟₄''
  • Exact—220 mm diameter and 450 mm length


Diamond core bit with 220 mm diameter for core drilling machines

The diamond core drill bit MSW-DCD-450/220-PRO is suited for wet and dry drilling. With this high-quality accessory for your core drill, you can drill holes up to 450 mm deep and 220 mm in diameter. Due to its high wear resistance, hard materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, clinker, limestone or screed are no problem for the diamond core drill bit. The drills and screwdrivers from MSW are the perfect tools for precise and effective drilling.

Steel drill bit with diamond coating

The high-performance diamond core bit allows you to drill various materials accurately and professionally. The high-quality core drill bit has a diamond coating on the drill head which ensures exceptionally high durability and longevity. Say hello to clean cuts, and goodbye to inconvenient burrs! Even the hardest materials can be drilled safely and efficiently with this core drill.

With a diameter of 220 mm and a core hole depth of 450 mm, the diamond core bit is the ideal drill bit for our powerful core drills. The diamond core drill can also be used with any power tools with a threaded connection of 1 ⅟₄'' (G1).

The diamond core drill bit for concrete is made of tempered steel, which guarantees particularly high stability. This granite core drill bit maintains its shape even with continuous operation and, thanks to its diamond coating, provides high-quality results. You can use it for both dry and wet drilling, although we recommend the wet drilling method. This ensures both safety and a longer service life.