Induction Deep Fat Fryer

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An induction deep fat fryer brings much more to your kitchen than fish and chips – not that we don’t enjoy the occasional battered cod and tartar sauce at Expondo! In all types of kitchens, deep fat frying opens up your menu to a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes from around the world. Ideal for take-aways, cafes, restaurants, and even home kitchens, we trust the experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher to offer safe and efficient, high-powered frying equipment that can save you time and space in the kitchen.


An induction deep fat fryer offers more than meets the eye

Suitable with meats, vegetables, fish, fruit, and even dairies and doughs, an induction deep fat fryer offers the classic technique of quick and effortless cooking by immersing ingredients in hot oil or fat. A staple in takeaways, diners, and fast food trucks, an induction deep fat fryer is also an amazing addition to restaurants, hotels, food stalls, catering operations, cafes, and even home kitchens, as a safe and efficient way to whip up countless deep fried dishes. From spring rolls, arancini, mozzarella bites, fritters, and fries, to sweet treats like doughnuts, profiteroles, and even deep fried cheese-cake pops, they are a caterer’s dream when it comes to whipping up large quantities of appetizers in batches. No more fiddling over hot hobs – with an induction deep fat fryer, you can keep your cooking space clutter-free as you tackle several dishes at once. An induction deep fat fryer is unique for its highly efficient form of heating, compared to other forms of power. Better still, they are far safer for you and your staff than traditional chip pans. In our wide range of catering equipment, you can choose between three models of induction deep fat fryer. Our first innovative and modern induction deep fat fryer is the 10 litre model from Royal Catering. Fitted with modern LED display, the efficient fryer quickly reaches cooking temperatures of 150 - 190 degrees C, and the impressive temperature control prevents strong drops in temperature, even when adding frozen food. The inner induction coil ensures gradual and evenly distributed heat through the whole oil tank. Our largest induction deep fat fryer is double in size, offering you twice the cooking space and the ability to tackle several dishes at once. Each induction deep fat fryer in our range features a practical drain device, to quickly, cleanly, and safely remove oil or water from the tank. And with their stainless-steel design, rounded corners, and smooth surfaces, our fryers are both hardwearing and easy to clean. Despite their high-powered results, each induction deep fat fryer is lightweight, with some models fitted with ergonomic handles, ideal for easy transportation.

It’s time to fry!

Our wide range of cooking gadgets goes far beyond deep fat frying. To kit out your restaurant, café, butcher-shop, or hotel buffet, take a look at the full selection today. For chefs and deli-owners wishing to add a home-made touch to their menu, look no further than our high quality stainless steel burger presses from Royal Catering. These sturdy, manual gadgets allow to turn your own original mince recipes into sizzling, uniform burger patties. For whipping up chips, sliced vegetables, salads, and fruity desserts our vegetable and fruit choppers certainly take the time, energy, and clutter out of manual chopping. These are perfect for a wide range of kitchens, such as healthy lunch cafes, street food stalls, and even pizzerias (for chopping up pizza toppings in a flash!). And when it comes to turning up the temperature, our wide range of cooking gadgets has countless options from sous vide cookers and contact grills, to rotisseries, pasta boilers, and of course our favourite – the induction deep fat fryer. In our range of snack bar and takeaway equipment, you’ll also find salamander grills, hot-dog makers, and catering toasters. Whatever today’s special is, we’ll make sure you have it cooked to perfection. At Expondo, we have a keen eye on every aspect of your business, from building and repairs to furniture and equipment. That’s why we trust renowned global names, not only in the kitchen, but also when it comes to our range of professional craft supplies and versatile industrial equipment. Wherever you work, we offer safe, efficient, and hardwearing tools to make your business go further. So, whether you are managing a kitchen, responding to roadside repairs, or fitting newly furbished houses, keep an eye on the full Expondo range for all your business needs.