Inflatable and folding gym mats

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Gym mats of the highest quality

One of the most popular forms of physical exercise is individual fitness training. Completely different types of sports can be included: From gymnastics and aerobics, yoga and Pilates, to martial arts, strength training and dance. For all these different types of fitness, a high quality sports mat provides the optimal foundation. And to suit every sporting need, there are sports and gymnastic mats in numerous designs.

One of the greatest advantages of a sports mat is not only its versatility, but also its mobility: whether at home or with friends, in the gym or club, in the park or while traveling in a hotel room - the flexible and space-saving fitness equipment can be used everywhere. Discover our wide selection of high quality gym mats and create your own gym in your personal favorite place!

Non-slip gym mats

Sport is a sweaty affair that exposes not only the body and clothing but also the fitness mat to larger amounts of moisture. Non-slip gymnastics mats always provide a secure hold here and reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. Especially for fast or wide movements, the slip resistance of a sports mat is indispensable and therefore the ideal plus for intensive sports and extensive cardio training!

Non-slip mats can be made of different materials, such as plastic, natural rubber, tree or virgin wool. In addition to their slip resistance, these materials score with individual properties: plastic is extremely durable and lightweight, natural rubber is environmentally friendly and has good cushioning, and tree or virgin wool is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Thus, there are non-slip fitness mats for every taste.

Large gym mats

As a general rule, a gymnastics mat should be at least equal in length to your own body size and leave enough room in width for the intended movements. However, there are also sports where much larger mats are useful, such as floor and apparatus gymnastics or various martial arts. Likewise, large mats are ideal when training with several people in a group.

Large mats offer above all a lot of space and good padding. For example, if your workout includes jumps, wide turns or you want to be able to drop your body, large gymnastics mats provide an optimal surface. In addition, large sports mats are also suitable for children: Whether as a spacious play area or as a safe flooring for first gymnastic exercises. As diverse as sports and outdoor games are, so are the benefits of sports mats!

Yoga mats for yoga lovers

Yoga is a popular form of exercise for young and old and convinces with positive effects on body, mind and soul: joints become more flexible, muscles strengthened and tissues tightened. In addition, the exercises give inner peace and balance. For this form of physical activity, special yoga mats are a real must, both for beginners and professionals. Because the mats are optimally matched to the typical yoga exercises:

The movement sequences in yoga are mostly slow, with different parts of the body always in contact with the ground. Since the individual body parts should lie as straight as possible, yoga mats are designed to be particularly thin. Their dimensions are perfectly adapted to the lying surface of a person. And so that even complicated yoga postures succeed, the mats score with a high slip and tear resistance - the perfect training tool for yoga lovers!

Gymnastic mats for sports club, kindergarten or school

Soft floor mats have a particularly thick padding, which effectively cushions any impact of the body. For example, these gymnastics mats can provide a safe landing of the body during high jump, apparatus gymnastics or martial arts. Likewise, they can be used as an exercise mat for various other sports. Therefore, high-quality soft floor mats are the ideal addition to any sports club, kindergarten and school.

Especially when it comes to sports with children, teenagers or inexperienced adults, safety is paramount. For this reason, soft floor mats meet very special requirements in their construction as well as in their properties. These professional mats thus provide optimum braking acceleration, penetration depth and rebound height of the body. Gyms and exercise rooms of all kinds can therefore benefit from the high safety standard of these floor mats!

Airtrack mats - inflatable gymnastic mats

Are you looking for a particularly mobile sports mat? Then Airtrack mats are the perfect choice for you! Because these gymnastic mats can be inflated in a few seconds with the help of an air pump and just as quickly stowed again. This allows you to use an airtrack mat in any place: Whether at home or with friends, at the club or at the class, while traveling or in nature. With an inflatable mat you always have your own gym with you!

In addition, Airtrack mats score with further advantages: Since the air pressure can be individually adjusted, the sports mat can assume different degrees of hardness - making it a particularly flexible training tool for numerous fitness exercises. The durable material ensures a high load capacity and is also extremely easy to clean. And with further fitness accessories, you can even expand your exercise program with this mat.

Foldable thick exercise mats

Foldable sports mats offer a unique combination of features: Similar to soft floor mats, these mats have cushioning padding and can therefore be used for intensive sports and combat training. In addition, the gymnastic mats are foldable and thus allow easy transportation. This mobility is ideal especially if you want to use your mat also in the gym, in the club or when traveling.

With a foldable sports mat, you also no longer need to worry about the local equipment of sports facilities: you can always take your own mat with you and use it to expand the local offer for yourself. For example, a foldable fitness mat can enrich your weight training with additional exercises with the help of multi gym machines. Thick folding mats are thus an extremely versatile and mobile training tool!

Durable, safe, versatile and other advantages of our exercise mats

A sports mat is one of the most universal fitness equipment of our time and allows versatile training programs. Thanks to the numerous variants, there is a suitable version for every sport and every physique. In addition, many mats are so mobile that they can be transported with ease and used in any place. And with their durable materials, modern sports mats convince with a particularly high durability.

In addition, high-quality gymnastics mats support safety at the exercise area by reducing the risk of injury. If the mat is only used by you personally, there are also clear hygienic advantages. The versatile uses of gymnastics mats can also be combined with various fitness equipment such as vibration plates and machines, can be extended.