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Fitness equipment and accessories

To be fit and healthy until old age – that is what many people want most. During our stressful professional lives, there is often no time to go climbing in nature. In modern working life, we strain our body with one-sided movements.
Fitness equipment counteracts this undesired development. They bring sports back into everyday life by imitating natural movements or by training specific muscle groups, helping you to keep the body fit and healthy. In our range, you can find high-quality sports equipment for beginners and pros. Discover our selection and start your fitness program at home.

Fitness equipment for the home

Not everyone can or wants to work out in a studio. However, you don't have to miss out on fitness and health, because there is a lot of fitness equipment that caters to very different sports interests, which makes working out at home easier than ever.

If you buy home fitness equipment, you will benefit from several advantages. You are:

  • Flexible time-wise: regardless of the weather, course offerings or opening hours, you decide when to sweat – whether at daybreak before breakfast, as a short break to counter the midday slump or spontaneously at the end of the day.

  • Unobserved: At home, you can train without being or feeling disturbed and can fully concentrate on your exercises.

  • Focused: When choosing machines at a gym, some people feel overwhelmed. The sports equipment in our range allows you to set up your weight room according to your personal needs.

  • Location-independent and mobile: People who take care of children or family members at home can train in the next room with their own fitness equipment and keep their peace of mind. With compact sports equipment, your training routine can be maintained even when changing locations.

What fitness equipment is suitable for small homes?

You can train even in the smallest rooms. For this purpose, use handy fitness accessories such as steppers, yoga balls, dumbbells or gym mats , to arrange your exercises according to your own preferences and to fit your space.

Our more complex sports equipment for the home is space-saving and can be assembled with a few simple steps. Their intuitive operation and easy maintenance make for a smooth start and long enjoyment of your workout. In our range, there are also foldable treadmills, cross trainers, etc. for small spaces.

Fitness equipment

Do you feel like having some fun to relieve stress? Then take a closer look at our fitness trampolines . You can strengthen your muscles with every jump and crank up your calorie consumption. Vibration mats spice up everyday sports. You stand on a quickly swinging plate and attempt to keep your balance. Tightening just happens as a natural consequence. When your muscles tense, they are trained and tone the body.

Most commonly used fitness accessories

The most popular home fitness equipment includes ergometers, compact weight benches, but also smaller equipment such as vibration plates, steppers and stepping boards, balance balls or yoga balls.

Fitness equipment for home: muscle building

With strength training, you can strengthen specific parts of the body. The training goes far beyond the aesthetic aspect. The muscular system literally keeps people "in shape". It helps you to perform movements gently and straightforwardly and protect against injuries.

Weight benches are the ideal companion for strength training at home. They are sturdily built and carry heavy guys and girls, as well as dumbbells of various sizes. With their height-adjustable and padded surface, you can put yourself in the optimal training position for building up muscle. Choose simple folding weight benches or multi-function weight benches with separate seats and backrests, dumbbell racks and leg curlers.

Weight stations are designed for numerous different exercises. The integrated weights can be individually adjusted to the intensity for your training level.

Take a look at our suspension trainers. Perform balance and coordination exercises on slings strengthen the entire muscular system. Your own body weight serves as resistance. Gymnast rings and slings are available in different sizes and lengths.

Cardio equipment for home

Cardio or endurance training increases your physical performance while burning excess calories. You perform the exercises with or without accessories.

By exercising regularly on a treadmill and exercise bike, you will gradually increase your endurance. If you lose your breath after climbing a few stairs, just a few regular cardio sessions will go a long way to improve your stamina. Endurance equipment for home use is just as powerful as studio equipment but easier to store.

Gym equipment

Gym equipment usually consists of large and versatile machines such as cross trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, spinning bikes and weight stations. They are professionally built and durable. At expondo, you can buy fitness equipment that ensures this quality. Our training equipment has the additional advantage of being simple to set up and easy to use.

What fitness devices are available?

Our training equipment can be broadly divided into three categories:

  • Cardio equipment to improve endurance

  • Strength stations for muscle building

  • Accessories such as fitness mats and yoga balls for sports exercises with little space

Cardio machines get the circulation going through continuous, repetitive motions.. They include ergometers or spinning bikes, but also treadmills, rowing machines and small-sized fitness accessories such as steppers. To adapt the equipment to your personal training level, you set the desired pedalling or rowing resistance as well as the speed of the treadmill. This allows beginners a gentle introduction to their routine.

Strength stations work with weights and resistance to strengthen targeted muscle groups. You can either lift your own body weight or use dumbbells with different weights. With weight benches, you can also use the reclining surfaces for flexible workouts. Inclining the bench increases the effects of your training with an adjustable angle of inclination. Whether leg presses, barbells or pull-up bars – with strength training you can strengthen your entire postural apparatus bit by bit.

Do you want to work on your endurance and muscle strength at the same time? Then you are well served with a cross trainer. Beginner-friendly sports equipment increases flowing movements and involves the arms in the process. It also adjusts the resistance to your individual training level. Our professional machines have easy-to-use displays and support your sports routine with pre-programmed workout sequences.

What fitness equipment is best for weight loss?

With our beginner-friendly sports equipment, you will easily lose those extra kilos. The important thing is to give yourself time to change and have fun!

Start with light endurance training

With endurance training, you can improve your general fitness and increase your calorie consumption. Get your body slowly used to flowing movements with walks on the treadmill. Even a few minutes a day stimulate your circulation and bring you closer to your dream weight, step by step. Riding a bike also lets the pounds melt away. Get on an ergometer, put on your favourite music and bike through imaginary forests and meadows.

Interval training for weight loss

For higher calorie consumption, i.e. to lose weight, interval training is recommended. On treadmills, cross trainers and the like, you can alternate between short, energetic sessions that make you sweat profusely and sessions during which you can exercise more easily. As a result, you consume more energy and lose weight faster. Our fitness equipment has intuitive displays that let you adjust the incline and speed of the belt or the resistance of the ergometer at the touch of a button. Some devices additionally have varied training sequences with preset programs.

Muscle building for fat loss

If you have muscle mass, you consume more calories. Muscle mass plays a big role in fat loss because calories will also be burned when not working out at all. Stimulating fat burning by building up more muscle mass with strength training .

What fitness equipment is beneficial for the back?

Sitting and standing for hours and one-sided movements during work often lead to postural defects. This often results in back pain.

Maintain your mobility with exercises and fitness equipment that strengthen your back. Sports equipment such as back trainers allows you to strengthen the entire back muscles through exercising with your own body weight. At weight stations, you can train various muscle groups in the back using various weights or pull-ups.

Even with small fitness accessories, you can relieve your back. Yoga balls are very good for beginners. They are used for Pilates, physiotherapy and gymnastics for playful exercises that increase movement and balance, but also strength and coordination.

Fitness equipment for abdominal, legs and buttocks workout

Steppers and cross trainers are the ideal sports equipment for toned legs and a firm butt. They mimic the motion of climbing stairs, defining muscles in the calves, buttocks and thigh. Use one of our professional-quality machines and set the desired resistance for an intense workout with the touch of a button.

Reduce belly fat with increased fat burning. Since the body does not break down fat in targeted areas but over the entire body, strength training is recommended. With more muscle mass, you can increase fat loss, even if you're not lifting weights.

Whether you want to strengthen your back or lose weight, increase your fitness or define muscles: At expondo, you will get the right equipment.