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Fitness Trampolines

Discover a whole new workout with our fitness trampolines

They might look small but our fitness trampolines make for a whopper of a workout! Whether you’re an athlete, sports professional, gym nut, or simply trying to stay active, these are a versatile and fun way to introduce more cardio to your routine. Designed by the fitness experts at Gymrex, these trampolines are made with high quality polypropylene and steel – making them safe and giving you years of use. These compact devices are light and easy to set up virtually anywhere. So you can work out indoors and out! Discover more below.

Don’t go bouncing off the walls!

  • Effective cardio
  • Burn 300 calories per hour
  • Compact
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Work out from home

Our compact fitness trampolines are designed by the health pros at Gymrex. And that’s not all they offer for health and fitness nuts! In the full Gymrex range, you’ll find boxing equipment and a versatile range of strength training equipment including weights and benches. Our compact fitness trampolines maybe be compact but don’t be fooled. These powerful devices offer a wide range of fitness perks and help you to make the most of even the smallest of gyms and workout spaces. You could even use it in your living room! Whether you’re investing for your gym, hotel, boxing club, school gym, training facility, or simply for your home, these fitness trampolines have some to offer exercise enthusiasts of every level. And they’re even safe for kids! Fitness trampolines are first foremost, a great way to add endurance cardio workouts to your weekly fitness plan. Rain outside? Never mind that jog, you can get your cardio fix with our sturdy fitness trampolines. Bouncing workouts can help you burn a lot of calories – up to 300 in one hour! They’re also very good for detoxifying the body, boosting flexibility, and helps to reduce cellulite. Our Gymrex fitness trampolines are made from durable materials such as steel and high quality polypropylene, making them long-lasting and safe. The six steel legs maintain maximum stability and the spring cover offers the perfect resistance for bouncing. The Gymrex fitness trampolines are easy to assemble and suitable for weight of up to 100 kg. Check out our full range of professional tools to discover more of our fitness equipment.

More for your home or business

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  • Also great for home use
  • Suitable for all types of kitchens
  • Lab equipment
  • Wide range of scales
  • Beauty device and salon furniture

We’ve got plenty more great ideas for kitting out your home or business. Have you checked out our broad range of catering equipment for professional and home kitchens? We’ve got everything from handheld blenders and food processors to full scale industrial ovens and fridges. Whether you’re operating a small market stall or running a large, five start kitchen, you’ll find everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! We also have a wide range of industrial equipment for labs, schools, factories and testing facilities. Looking for accurate, professional scales? You’ll find everything from precision scales for laboratory testing to large-scale platform scales for weighing bulk materials and livestock. And that’s not all, with our melting furnaces, microcentrifuges, and ultrasonic cleaners, you’ve got everything you need to kit out a professional or educational lab. Finally, we’ve been adding to our range of beauty and wellness equipment – everything you need to keep your VIPs feeling great! In the wellness range, you’ll find pedicure leg rests, Physa skin treatment steamers, and ball sterilisers for metal utensils. Have you checked out the Bredeco portable humidifier with LED lighting? This is the perfect way to set the mood before a massage or facial. (Don’t tell the professionals, but they’re also great for plugging in at home before bedtime!) Up next in our range of salon equipment, we’ve got a wide selection of adjustable reclining chairs and benches. These are ideal for all kinds of treatments, from facials and pedicures to massages, and even tattoo sessions! All of our salon furniture is cushioned for comfort and easy to clean. And if that’s not in your comfort zone, then check out the rest of the Expondo range today!