Commercial stick blender

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What better way to kit out your kitchen than with powerful, lightweight, and versatile kitchen gadgets that can help you conjure up innumerable delicious dishes? With a commercial stick blender, the power is in your hands. These compact, handheld blenders from the food experts at Royal Catering are space-saving, time-saving, and suitable for all manner of kitchens, both private and professional. Whether you’re whipping up a pancake batter or preparing a fresh, delicious smoothie, you can impress your guests in a matter of seconds. Discover our full range below.

The power is in your hands!

• Suitable for mashing, blending, shredding and whipping • Compact and lightweight • Powerful 500 W motor • Ergonomic handle • Mess-free with a large splash cover • Safe and easy to use

For professional and home chefs, a commercial stick blender, from our broad range of kitchen equipment, has more uses than meets the eye. For restaurants, cafes, and gastro-pubs, it’s the ideal accessory for blending soups, sauces, and even mashed potatoes. For a quick and fresh side-dish or sandwich filling, you can even shred a delicious coleslaw in a matter of seconds. When it comes to breakfast favourites, a handheld commercial stick blender will help you conjure up smoothies and omelettes as well as waffle and pancake batters. And for bakeries and restaurants serving desserts, your commercial stick blender will help you in mixing all manner of sweet concoctions such a cake batter, compote, cheesecake mix, torte fillings, and chocolate mousses and soufflés! The list goes on! Pubs and cocktail bars can even keep a handy commercial stick blender at the ready, for whipping up adventurous fruit-blended cocktails! Whatever you’re serving, our commercial stick blender range has you covered. The high-powered device has an adjustable rotation speed of 4,000 to 16,000 RPM, allowing you to customise the consistency of your dish. Extremely easy and comfortable to use, each commercial stick blender is designed with an ergonomic handle and easy-to-reach switches. The convenient lock button allows you to keep your speed setting constant as you work on large quantities of food. There is also plenty of manoeuvrability thanks to its 2.2m cable. The sharp stainless steel blades are protected by a large splash cover, which also minimises mess. Each versatile commercial stick blender is compatible with a number of mixing rods, also available at Expondo, to switch settings from mixing, shredding and whisking. Each fixture can be easily removed for independent cleaning.

The full kitchen kit

• Soup warmers, bain marie and chafing dishes • Fight temperature loss • Ideal for catering events • Easy to clean stainless steel

In our full range of catering supplies, we’ve got plenty of useful gadgets and furniture to compliment your commercial stick blender. After reaching the perfect taste and consistency, be sure to serve your delicious soups and sauces piping hot with our effective soup warmers from Bartscher. They can even be used for keeping mulled wine hot at winter markets. In our full range of food warmers, we’ve got dozens of ingenious gadgets for fighting temperature loss in the kitchen, and even at the table. Choose from a wide selection of bain marie in many sizes, and with optional display glass for delis and cafes. Our powerful chafing dishes are also a great solution to keep food hot, fresh, and ready to serve. They’re particularly useful for serving large batches of hot food and appetisers at events. When it comes to service time, look no further than our cup and plate warmer to keep those food and drinks piping hot for longer. For more serving accessories, our full range of stainless steel furniture features trolleys, tray trolleys, cutlery trays and more. Before you go, remember we’re also serving your business needs outside of the kitchen. Take a look at our professional tools and our wide range of industrial equipment for factories, garages, construction sites, and more.