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Model: RCSM-850-500

Stick Blender - 850 W - Royal Catering - 500 mm - 8,000 - 18,000 rpm

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  • High-powered – mix up to 200 L with an 850 W motor and between 8,000 - 18,000 rpm
  • Easy – intuitive operation, adjustable speed and removable blending wand
  • Hygienic – with a 500 mm-long wand and splash guard
  • Ergonomic – with specially shaped and comfortable handle
  • Durable – robust casing made of plastic; mixing wand and blade made of stainless steel


Use the 500 mm stick blender RCSM-850-500 to chop and puree your ingredients quickly and continuously

Do you want to prepare a fresh smoothie, puree a soup or quickly conjure up a delicious dessert made from strawberries? The stick blender RCSM-850-500 from Royal Catering can be used in many ways to expand the catering at the next event or the buffet in your hotel with varied dishes.

Professional kitchen tools from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

Additionally, the handle has a very practical design, conceived with your confort in mind. With the operating button integrated in the handle, you set the 850 W motor in motion, which reaches speeds of 8,000 - 18,000 rpm. With this power, up to 200 L can be processed effortlessly and quickly. With an operational cycle of 25 minutes with 10-minute breaks, the immersion blender is ideal for professional use in large kitchens, canteens and restaurants.

The stainless steel soup blender is 500 mm long and has a splash guard at the end under which the extra sharp blades are located. The splash guard guarantees a clean workspace and targeted blending of all ingredients. In addition to that, the 2.2 m long cable gives you the freedom of movement necessary for the preparation of savoury meals with a hand blender.

The screw closure allows the whisk to be easily removed from the hand blender and to be replaced with other mixing rods (also available at expondo). As a result, a maximum of stability and security are ensured. Furthermore, the stainless steel rod can be cleaned independently from the rest of the device.