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Item: EX20250511


Model: UNI_WS_5000PLUS

Factory second 2-in-1 Water Softener System incl. Water Filter - 2 - 4 people - 4 L resin

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  • Thorough – water filter and water softener in one, only filtered or decalcified water can be used via separate connections
  • Custom-fit – with a resin volume of 4 L, this water softener system is ideal for households and businesses with {{suitable_for_2096_temp}}
  • Compact – sleek design and removable, flexible control unit can also be installed under the washbasin
  • Simple – intuitive touch display and automatic control via microprocessor for easy operation
  • Safe – unusable water is discharged into the sewer system via the appropriate connection


Maintenance-free water softening system with water filter

The water softener system with built-in water filter from Uniprodo not only improves the quality of drinking water and thereby the taste of food, coffee and tea – it also extends the lifetime of pipes, heating systems, boilers, washing machines and electric kettles and coffee machines. Use the water softener system from Uniprodo's collection for a healthy and tasty life thanks to optimal water quality!

Clean softening in two steps thanks to microprocessor-controlled valve

The decalcification system including water filter ensures clean water in two steps. First, the water is passed through an activated carbon filter that reliably removes impurities. The water is then descaled. The resin container and the activated charcoal cartridge are separate from each other, mutual contamination is not possible. The process is controlled by an automatic valve with a microprocessor. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can filter the water or use it after it has been additionally softened. You will find two separate connections for this.

Small water softener system

The compact shape of the hard water softener enables you to install the device under a washbasin. For this purpose, the control unit can be removed and, if necessary, stowed at the edge of the unit. Thanks to its attractive design, the descaling unit can also be used as a free-standing unit. Decide how you want to use the system!

The automatic softener works using the process of ion exchange, which reliably removes calcium and magnesium from the water. The descaling unit's resin core is responsible for this. With a capacity of 4 L of resin, this model provides soft water for households and buildings in the range of {{suitable_for_2096_temp}}. With a pressure of 0.10 - 0.45 MPa bar, you can soften and use > 1 m³ of water per hour. Thanks to the connection to the sewage system, the remaining water is discharged directly into the drain.

The water softening unit is very easy to set up and use. Installation is described step by step in the manual. After system start-up, the automatic valve with integrated microprocessor and water meter ensures smooth operation and automatically regulates the water softener. At the same time, the softener proves to be extremely low-maintenance; you only need to refill salt regularly.

The easy-to-read LED display informs you about the current status of the device and allows you to effortlessly adjust the settings anytime. At the same time, the settings are protected against accidental adjustments.