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Ash Vacuum - 1,200 W - stainless steel - HEPA filter - wheels

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  • High-performance—powerful 1,200 W and 21 kPa ensure reliable performance
  • Long-lasting—the stainless steel housing is especially robust
  • Large—with a capacity of up to 20 L
  • Reliable—HEPA filter system
  • Multifunctional—thanks to flexible hose and blower for stoking the fire


The ash vacuum for fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves, and grills

The ash vacuum from ulsonix enables you to easily and safely clean fireplaces, stoves and grills. With 1,200 W and 21 kPa, the industrial ash vacuum cleaner guarantees excellent results—even in your private home.

The industrial ash vacuum with suction and blowing function from ulsonix

The ash vacuum cleaner is protected from dust particles thanks to the removable HEPA filter system, guaranteeing a long service life. The stainless-steel housing of the ash container, which has a capacity of up to 20 L, is also highly durable and resistant to rust. The generous volume allows you to clean even large areas multiple times without having to empty the fireplace vacuum in between. You can easily empty the ash container by opening the catch lock.

The device's light weight of just 4 kg and the included 150 cm-long hose, which reaches a total length of 165 cm when attached to the fireplace vacuum, guarantee comfortable handling. The 4 m-long power cable and the attached handle and wheels provide additional freedom of movement for the chimney vacuum.

However, this device is more than just a simple soot vacuum: The vacuum can also be transformed into a blower with a simple adjustment. This allows you to use the chimney vacuum to help stoke fires in fireplaces or grills, as well as to blow away leaves or debris. This ash vacuum cleaner is a little all-rounder and will make your work easier in a variety of areas of application.