Item: EX10030450


Model: SBS-MR-2000

Magnetic Stirrer - with hotplate - 5 L - 2,000 rpm

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  • Effective—stirring speed of 200 to 2,000 rpm enables you to evenly stir even viscous liquids
  • Large—19 x 19 cm ceramic plate for heating and as stirring base
  • Fast—rapid heating time to max. 350 °C
  • E-cigarettes—optimally suited for individual production of e-liquid
  • Practical—stand incl. temperature probe for precise results


Keep things moving with the magnetic stirrer from Steinberg Systems

The magnetic stirrer is the perfect tool for mixing chemicals or other liquids in the laboratory. The magnet stir bar can also be made to rotate inside closed containers, allowing you to mix liquid substances without coming into direct contact with them. This makes it especially well-suited for preparing e-cigarette liquids.

All the right moves with the optimum temperature for every mixture

There is space on the magnetic stirrer's hotplate for even large containers with a capacity of up to 5L. You can comfortably adjust the temperature, stirring speed and timer using the digital control panel. You can easily check the values on the display. The temperature can be set up to 350 °C, and the hotplate stands out with its rapid heating time. The stirring speed at which the magnetic agitator is moved in the liquid can be set to between 200 and 2,000 rpm. Even viscous substances can be reliably mixed. The timer allows you to determine how long the stirring process should continue, with a maximum time of 9,999 minutes. The hotplate and stirring function can be used independently of one another.

The magnetic stirrer hotplate is equipped with a stand which can be directly attached to the powder-coated housing if needed and is intended for the temperature probe, which can help you to more precisely check the temperature. The lab stirrer's sturdy steel construction and robust ceramic plate make it especially suitable for everyday use.



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