Item: EX10030578


Model: SBS-DW-50VA

Digital Precision Scale - 50 g - 0.005 g / 50 g - ø 60 mm - windscreen

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  • Precise—measuring range up to 50 g with an accuracy of ±0.005 per 50 g, the removable cover protects sensitive objects to be weighed and improves the measurement results
  • Flexible—thanks to numerous functions and weighing units
  • Simple—easy to use and to clean, and easy to store safely thanks to lid
  • Clear—easy-to-read LCD display with background lighting
  • Durable—thanks to stainless steel scale pan and robust plastic (ABS) housing and tray


The precise precision scale with numerous functions and weighing units

With the precision scale with windscreen from Steinberg Systems you can precisely and conveniently measure the weight of gold, coins, gemstones, tea, spices and much more. Thanks to the sturdy housing, the digital pocket scale is always well-protected from scratches and bumps and can be easily stored in any pocket. In addition to mobile use, the mini scale is also ideal for use in schools, jeweller's shops, laboratories or kitchens. You can find precise scales for other fields of application as well as high-quality industrial equipment in the Steinberg Systems product range.

The digital precision scale with impressive measuring accuracy

With a high accuracy of 0.005 g, the digital precision scale can measure any weight up to 50 g. The results are displayed within 2 s in steps of 0.001 g each. Depending on your needs, you can select from the units g, tl, gn, oz, ozt, dwt, ct for your measurements. In addition to the numerous units, the electronic precision scale offers a variety of functions, including zero, self-calibrate, tare, unit change, and automatic shut-off, as well as a function for counting individual objects. The weighing surface measuring 60 mm in diameter is made of high-quality stainless steel, is easy to clean and, in combination with the ABS plastic housing, particularly durable. A weighing tray—also made of ABS—is included in delivery.

The 10 mm-tall backlit digits of the LCD display make the values quite easy to read even in poor light conditions. Two symbols on the display of the precision scale also warn you of overloading and low battery status. Thanks to its light weight, robust windscreen and a battery life of up to 6 h, the compact laboratory scale can be used anywhere, independent of the power supply.