Sectional Door

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Protect and secure your belongings with a sectional door from MSW From vehicles and sports equipment, to construction materials and retail supplies, protecting your valuables from weather damage, and potential hazards or intruders, is a top priority for any home or business owner. With a sectional door from MSW Motor Technics, you get an effective balance of security, weather protection and intuitive control in a range of styles and sizes that will fit your property perfectly. Take an invaluable step in protecting your belongings today.

Security and Confidence

Our sectional door range is suitable for all manner of personal and professional properties from warehouses and factories to home garages. When it comes to craft supplies and industrial equipment, we understand that these investments are part of the backbone of starting a business, and that any loss or damage can have a devastating effect. Likewise, for private users, there is nothing more valuable than the peace of mind of a protected home. Our sectional door range features a number of widths and styles to suit your property. Our cheapest sectional door is 2500 x 2125 mm in size, and is completed in a sleek white finish, ideal for professional spaces. For an elegant but secure solution for your home garage, our favourite sectional door model is completed in a rich dark walnut, and is sold with a motor and power control as standard. The set comes complete with a full selection of installation materials as well as a user manual, so even home operators can install their door with ease. Sturdy garage door motors, controllers, and infrared sensors can also be purchased separately from our full range of garage door equipment. Amongst our sectional door sets, you’ll also find options finished in golden oak and charcoal grey. Open and close your sectional door with ease, using the handheld controller. With anti-finger-trap joints and an automatic stop-function upon contact with any obstacles, you can be sure that transporting your vehicle or equipment is a safe process. The door itself is highly resistant to scratches and corrosion, maintaining its look and effectiveness for years.

Protection from the elements

Each sectional door is built with robust galvanised steel and insulated with polyurethane, offering you 40mm of protection from the elements. Framed with a specially designed seal, this not only guards you from potential hazards, but also offers excellent sound insulation, ideal for craft professionals operating loud equipment such as hammer drills. This protective sectional door also insulates heat, so you can work in warmth and comfort in the colder months, and protect your valuables from heat damage in the summer. With excellent wind, water and UV resistance, you can be confident that your property and your belongings are protected from all manner of weather damage. At Expondo, we’re proud to feature a wide selection of versatile tools and devices that make your daily work more efficient, and that, of course, includes safety. For the full insight into decking out your craft workshop, factory or construction site, take a look at our full range of craft supplies featuring winches, cranes and trolleys, as well as a diverse selection of power tools. For caterers and chefs, look no further than our full selection of culinary equipment, from robust stainless steel furniture to ingenious chopping equipment that take the time and energy out of food preparation. And those of you working in a laboratory or warehouse will be well catered by our range of industrial equipment featuring highly accurate scales and lifting magnets. However you equip your staff, or indeed your home, remember that safety and security comes first: With a sectional door from MSW, you can keep your carefully chosen equipment well clear of potential hazards.