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Model: RCVB-30X40-200

Vacuum Packaging Bags - 40 x 30 cm - 200 pieces

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  • Air-tight packaging of food, liquids, medicine, etc.
  • 40 x 30 cm size
  • Thickness 105 μm / Microstructure, diamond air channel design
  • High durability / Tearproof
  • Heat-resistant / Protect against moisture and dirt
  • Suitable for repeated use / Compact and place-saving


Whenever you need to safe package your food, liquids, medicine and much more, the RCVB-30X40-200 vacuum bags from Royal Catering have your back. Be it for retail, hotels or your own kitchen, these versatile bags are designed to be suitable regardless of situation - even for more specialised environments, such as pharmacies and labs.

These bags not only allow you to store a wide variety of products for a long time, but also conveniently reduce the volume of their content, thereby saving you a lot of space. Each bag is 40 x 30 cm in size, as well as 105 μm thick.

Thanks to its custom-made microstructure, the diamond air channelled bag material is especially easy to vacuum seal. This makes the bags both particularly tear resistant, as well as highly durable.

With exceptional features such as resistance to strong temperature fluctuations, you can easily freeze and reheat these vacuum bags without any problem. As a result, they are also suitable for cooking with the extremely popular Sous-Vide method.

Vacuum sealing your food will keep it fresh for longer, as the absence of air protects against oxidation, which in turn guarantees that no bacteria or mushrooms will develop. What is more, your food will thereby conveniently retain its flavour for a long amount of time. Use our RCVB-30X40-200 vacuum bags with any commercial vacuum device for best results.


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