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Model: RCKM-28

Coffee Tamper - stainless steel, plastic - Ø 58 x 85

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  • Fitting - with dimensions of Ø 58 x 85 mm suitable for standards portafilters (not included)
  • Professional – smooth and even coffee surface
  • Hygienic – thanks to stainless steel tamper base
  • Comfortable – ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Durable – thanks to robust construction


Balanced, harmonious espresso with the coffee tamper

For a perfect espresso, the aroma of the ground beans should be evenly released into the water. The RCKM-28 coffee tamper from Royal Catering is indispensable for this. It compacts and distributes the coffee homogeneously and ensures a smooth surface: This prevents channelling, in which the water finds its way through the ground beans in only a few streams. All coffee particles can release their aromas through the even water flow. This ensures a full-bodied espresso with a balanced, harmonious flavour.

The professional espresso tamper from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

With a diameter and height of Ø 58 x 85 mm, the coffee tamper is suited for use with many standard portafilters (not included in delivery) and is an indispensable accessory in cafés, coffee shops, and restaurants that value excellent espresso.

Made of stainless steel and plastic, the portafilter tamper is not only particularly hygienic and durable, but also sits extremely well in the hand due to its heavy weight and ergonomic shape.

The rules for an optimally filled portafilter

Distributing the coffee grounds with the coffee tamper is the most important step for an optimally filled portafilter. First of all, make sure to move the portafilter back and forth during grinding so that the coffee is already evenly distributed. The freshly ground espresso is then compacted by carefully tapping the portafilter onto the tamper mat and then firmly pressed with the espresso tamper. Finally, the surface is smoothed with an espresso leveler.



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