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Model: MALENA S1

Soap Dispenser - 0,25 l - Silver

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  • 250 ml capacity - elegantly designed packaging
  • Perfect amount of soap (0.7g) with one push of a button
  • Practical safety lock
  • Two separate, transparent soap tanks
  • Labels for identifying the liquid


Soap Dispenser MALENA S1

The soap dispenser MALENA S1 from Physa is a modern device for holding and dispensing liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel or dishwasher detergent. It is ideally suited for public restrooms, for hotels or offices, and for private households. The soap dispenser has a particularly high capacity and is the perfect device for wherever hygiene is required.

With a capacity of 250 ml, the soap tank holds enough space for a larger amount of liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel or dishwasher detergent. The integrated pump of the two cylinders regulates the perfect amount, so that with each use about 0.7 g of soap or detergent are dispensed and wasting the used substance is avoided. The amount is determined by the ratio between mass, volume and density of each substance.

The modern and timelessly elegant design and silver elements of the soap dispenser blend in perfectly with any interior design style. Both containers have a security lock on the lid. The dispenser can be opened, refilled and closed again by authorized persons. The practical locks prevent unauthorized opening.

Due to the transparency of the containers, you always know how much liquid is available. The large opening of the containers makes refilling easy, reducing maintenance time to a minimum. Furthermore, the two separate containers allow you to put two different liquids into the dispenser. The supplied shampoo and shower gel labels tell you which liquid is filled in where.

Thanks to its compact and transparent design, the soap dispenser is particularly easy to clean and maintain. The dispenser casing is sturdy and durable. All elements of the dispenser are easily accessible.

Use the soap dispenser quickly and intuitively: A large push button is attached to the front. The discharge is controlled by finger pressure. This protects you against unwanted dirtying of clothes or the floor. The innovative dispenser design ensures that there will be no unwanted dripping.

The wall soap dispenser from Physa allows you to do something positive for the environment: By buying the soap or detergent of your choice in large quantities, you not only save money by volume discount, but also packaging material. You can thereby reduce the amount of waste and support a clean environment in the long run.

The soap dispenser can be easily mounted to any wall in a few steps only and includes all the component parts you need for its mounting. The soap dispenser MALENA S1 from Physa is a practical, elegant bathroom and kitchen accessory, which safely and efficiently delivers your favourite liquid - with only the touch of a button.



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