Item: EX10060186


Model: MSW-UR-4A

Snatch Block - 4.000 kg - Rope Diameter 1 mm - 9.5 mm

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  • Snatch block made from robust steel
  • Easy to fix the cable thanks to the hub function
  • Maximum capacity of up to 4 t
  • Double traction
  • Reversal of the pulling direction
  • Rope diameter of 1 to 9.5 mm


Snatch Block - 4.000 kg - Rope Diameter 1 mm – 9.5 mm

The snatch block MSW-UR-4A has been specially designed for use with rope winches. Its mechanics doubles the efficiency of the pulley. Additionally, it is suitable for lifting heavy loads or for tensile direction reversal. The casing, made of solid steel, is weather-resistant and can come in handy in the forestry or off-road sectors. The snatch block from MSW is the must-have rope winch for all professionals.

For when you need twice the effort

The snatch block is made from steel and has been designed for additional mounting on winches and cable pulleys. It can double the traction with a maximum load of up to 4.000 kilograms. The snatch block is therefore remarkably flexible, whether for towing a vehicle or salvage operations.

 In addition to the doubling of the traction, the snatch block can also help to reverse the pulling direction or lift heavy loads. The snatch block can be used with ropes with a diameter of 1 to 9.5 mm. The two movable hubs can be cast aside against each other and enable you to easily insert the cable. After turning the hubs back to the starting position, the rope is fixed, and you can begin.

Careful manufacturing and high-quality material ensure a high reliability and a long service life. The snatch block MSW-UR-2A guides the rope precisely and smoothly, so that wear is low. Its space-saving size makes the MSW-UR-2A snatch block a handy companion and an indispensable rope winch accessory.



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