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Model: MSW-WPW-150

Parts Washer - 150 l

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  • Spacious – large capacity of 150 l for up to 90 l of solvent.
  • Effective – closed wash basin system with integrated pump
  • Powerful – pump capacity of 2.7-3.6 l/min thanks to the double pump drive and the cleaning brush ensures optimal cleaning
  • Stable – lid stays open by itself and closes automatically in the case of a fire
  • Practical – two basins for simultaneous cleaning with different solvents


Clean things! The parts washer from MSW

To keep the engine running like a well-oiled machine, clean the engine parts before putting them back in place after the repair. The most effective and thorough cleaning is done in the MSW parts washer with two wash basins! Fill the cleaning agent into the closed system of tub and pump and clean even the most angled engine parts with a washing brush, right into the smallest crevice. With a water-based solvent, you can even thoroughly and effectively remove burnt-in oil and dirt. Thanks to two separate parts, you can use two different solvents for different engine parts at the same time. This way they look almost like new after a treatment!

You can clean small and large engine parts effectively in the parts washer.

The parts cleaner has a capacity of max. 150 l and is designed for up to 90 l of solvent. Cover the access to the pump with solvent when filling the detergent. Only then will the pump run at full capacity. The pump operates at a flow rate of 2.7-3.6 l/min, so you can consistently clean surfaces such as fine crevices with a powerful jet. You can work more thoroughly with the cleaning brush, guide it comfortably on a hose to ensure first-class results even in narrow joints.

The washbasin stands on four legs and offers a comfortable working height. The lid locks automatically when you open it. This way you always work safely and without restrictions. In an emergency such as a fire, the lid closes automatically. Overall, the washbasin is impressive with its robust steel construction. You should not be without it in your workshop!