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Item: EX10090220


Model: HT-FP-50W-1750

Fountain pump - 1750 L/h - 0.19 bar - 4 nozzles

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  • Varied – with 4 different nozzles for pretty water features
  • Energy efficient – 49.5W motor with high capacity and low energy consumption 
  • Flexible – suitable for pools and ponds with 800 – 2200 L
  • Powerful – high water flow of 1750 L/h
  • Durable – pump made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel


Ponds, cascades, water features - fountain pump with 4 different nozzles

Make the water dance! With the fountain pump from hillvert you can set bubbling accents in your garden! The 49.5 W strong pump conjures up 4 water features in ponds and basins.

Powerful and energy-efficient pond pump from hillvert

The pond pump is equipped with a riser pipe that allows water to gush out of the pond in the form of a fountain at a pressure of 0.19 bar up to 1750 L/h. The maximum height is 1.94 m. The powerful fountain pump keeps pools and ponds moving with up to 2200 L, which has a positive effect on the oxygen content and all living beings in and around the water.

The submersible fountain pump has a delivery depth of up to 3 m. It is made of durable stainless steel and is ideal for wet environments. The model impresses with its compact design and quiet operation - ideal for parks and gardens.



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