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Boxing Equipment

Upgrade your boxing equipment for your home or gym

Upgrade your boxing equipment for your home or gym

Did you know that boxing is not just for the ring? Boxing is an effective and versatile workout for both sports professional and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Not only is our range of boxing equipment from the fitness experts at gymrex a great way to train for a fight, it’s gives you great cardio, strength and reflex training. And did we mention, it feels great? Whether you’re investing for a sports facility or for home use, consider adding boxing to your workout regime.

Give it the old one-two!

  • For professionals and home use
  • Easy to install
  • High quality steel
  • Fitness and stress relief
  • Mounting kit included

Our range of boxing equipment is great for gyms, hotels, boxing clubs, school gyms, and home use. With a range of boxing equipment to choose from, you can tailor your training to suit your needs. All of our boxing equipment is made by the gym professionals at Gymrex, crafted with high quality steel. Quality is guaranteed with the Gymrex range, from their fitness trampolines for cardio to their strength training equipment to work different muscle groups. In our range of boxing equipment for professional and private use, you’ll find ceiling and wall brackets for punching bag as well as a pull up bar with a removable punching bag. If staying healthy is your passion, boxing is great to strengthen muscles, preventing back pain, relieving stress, improving posture and of course, for burning a lot of calories. Not mention, a great way to improve hand-eye co-ordination and self-defence techniques. The punch bag wall bracket can be used to small and medium-sized punching bags of up to 60kg. And our gymtrex ceiling bracket has a weight capacity of maximum 100 kg. Thanks to their high resilience, both the wall and ceiling brackets can also be used for hanging swings, hammocks and rope ladders. Now that’s versatile boxing equipment! Next in the range is our versatile pull-up bar and punching bag. To strengthen muscles and tone up, this pull up bar helps you to get a well-rounded workout for your back, shoulders and arms. And when it’s time to get your heartrate going, you can simply hook up your punching bag and get started. All of our boxing equipment is designed for easy installation and come with a mounting kit.

We’ve saved the best ‘til last

  • Wide range of professional tools
  • Hotel and gardening equipment
  • Beauty equipment for spas and salons
  • Fully adjustable chairs and benches
  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum comfort

Now that you’ve heard all about our fitness and boxing equipment, get to know the rest of the Expondo range. Did you know that our range of professional tools has lots more than drills and screwdrivers (although we do have plenty of those too!)? We’ve got everything from hotel furniture and garden tools to a full range of beauty equipment for spa, hairdressers and cosmetic salons. Want to really make your clients feel special – why not offer them a soothing facial with one of our skin treatment steamers? Concerned about keeping up health and safety standards? Check out our top of the range ball steriliser for cleaning metal equipment. Or if comfort is your key focus, check our wide range of fully adjustable, cushioned massage benches and treatment chairs. These are not only ideal for salons but can also be used in tattoo parlours, physio clinics, nail salons and more! For the full 360 treatment, check out our new neck massage machine for complete body care designed by the beauty experts at Physa. We also have a growing range of catering equipment for professional kitchens, market stalls and home use. Check out the full range featuring everything from burger presses to industrial toaster and more! Last up, it’s our range of industrial equipment for labs, schools, and factories. If you’re looking for scales, science equipment, measuring devices, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s always something for your home or business at Expondo.