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Model: SBS-SB-9/4.2

Spring Balancer - 5 - 9 kg - 1.3 m

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  • Load capacity – designed for tools with a weight of 5 - 9 kg
  • Flexible – cable length of 1.3 m offers maximum freedom of movement
  • Comfortable – easier work with heavy tools to prevent fatigue
  • Robust – casing made of aluminium alloy and tear-resistant cable made of galvanised steel
  • Safe – holds tools in the desired position and can be secured with an additional wire


Easily operate heavy tools with the balancer from Steinberg Systems

Bring your work processes into balance with the SBS-SB-9/4.2 balancer from Steinberg Systems. Heavy tools are easily brought into position so that the workflow in the workshop, series production and in the assembly hall is effortless.

The powerful spring balancer

The spring balancer is like an additional helping hand that relieves you when using heavy tools. It holds work equipment with a weight of 5 - 9 kg in the position in which you need it. This has the advantage that you do not have to hold the weight completely during work and that you tire less. The tool can also be guided more easily and precisely, so that you achieve better results while working.

The casing of the spring balancer is made of durable and robust aluminium alloy that easily withstands even continuous loading. The stable rope made of galvanised steel securely holds the tool during assembly or other work. For safe and flawless use of the holding device, the spring balancer with lock must always be operated vertically in order to be able to optimally balance the weight.

The rope is 1.3 m long for optimal freedom of movement during work. The balancer spring balancer always keeps the tool at hand, so that the workplace, for example in an assembly hall, is always tidy and ready for use. In addition, the casing can be secured with another wire rope, an eyelet is attached to the device for this purpose. When choosing a balancer for your work equipment, you should make sure that the minimum weight is not undershot and the maximum weight is not exceeded!