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Model: SBS-MPSA-101

Mini Prism - with L-bracket - copper coating

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  • Compatible – the mini prism can be used with Steinberg System total stations and other similar models.
  • Adjustable – can be rotated horizontally and tilted vertically
  • Stable – robust steel casing
  • Precise – prism diameter of 2.45 cm
  • Effective – permanently installed on the bracket as a monitoring prism


Robust mini prism with L-bracket

Want to achieve accurate measurement results with your total station from Steinberg Systems or similar? Then use the mini prism for total stations from Steinberg System! The L-bracket allows you to set it up quickly and easily and, thanks to its robust design, you can use it without hesitation even in harsh environments such as construction sites, tunnel systems or road construction.

Attach the monitoring prism directly to your measuring point via the L-bracket and set it up horizontally. The mini prism is in a metal casing that protects it from water and dust. Using an Allen key, loosen the prism to tilt it vertically and bring it into optimal position.

The mini prism will impress you with its robust construction. The stable, L-shaped bracket with a 76 mm (3") leg length can be optimally installed in a fixed position. The 2.45 cm prism provides excellent measuring results thanks to its copper coating and proves to be a precise measuring point for commercially available total stations.