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Item: EX20030333


Model: SBS-PF-300/50C

Factory second Platform Scale - 300 kg / 50 kg - 40 x 50 cm - foldable

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  • Functions: TARE, ZERO, SAVE, CLEAR, ADD, COUNTING / TARE: When using a container or similar, you can set its weight to zero in order to determine the net weight of the product
  • ZERO: Set the current load to zero when the scale is unloaded / ADD: Add together different prices
  • CLEAR: Reset the unit price after entering the wrong price, or leave the ADD function
  • SAVE: Use the M(x) button to save different prices / COUNTING: Determine the number of units by means of the weight results
  • Choose between currencies EUR or USD
  • Platform scale with a weighing surface measuring 40 x 50 cm and maximum load of 300 kg / Up to 10 hours of battery life, with low-battery warning


Platform Scale - 300 kg / 50 kg - 40 x 50 cm - compact

The platform scale SBS-PF-300/50C from Steinberg Systems is a professional device for weighing light and heavy objects. The high-quality scale is particularly stable and offers high-precision weighing results. Because the scale comes already calibrated, you will not need to make any additional adjustments to it and can put it to immediate use. It is perfectly suited for warehouses, wholesale businesses, stores, goods markets and much more.

The platform scale offers a measuring range of up to 300 kg and allows you to accurately weigh both light and heavy objects. With a weighing surface measuring 40 x 50 cm, the scale offers plenty of space for easily and precisely weighing objects of various sizes. The respective measurement results are displayed almost immediately. If the scale is overloaded, a corresponding warning will appear on the display.

The clearly-readable LED display, which is mounted on a pipe, has background lighting which can be set to one of three brightness levels. The three displays show the weight, the price per kg in EUR or USD and the total price in 15 mm-tall numbers. You can use the control panel to enter the values, choose functions and save prices.

You can also use the platform scale without access to external power, as it is equipped with a built-in battery. This makes the scale effortless to use even during loading. The scale will switch to energy-saver mode after 5.5 seconds of disuse while in battery mode, which both protects the battery and saves electricity.

The battery has a service life of up to 10 hours. When the battery level is low, the display shows a symbol informing you that it needs to be charged.

The platform scale SBS-PF-300/50C was designed with compactness in mind. You can fold down the pipe on which the display is mounted to save space during storage. Thanks to the sturdy rubber feet, the scale always has safe and skid-proof footing. The feet also protect your work surface from scratches.




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