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Model: SBS-MM-100

Factory second Manometer - digital manometer - 0.3%

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  • The manometer measures the difference between two pressure measurements
  • Versatile – 11 different units of measurement for different tasks and situations
  • Practical – LCD display with background lighting for immediate data evaluation        
  • Handy – sleek design and wireless operation for use anywhere
  • Precise – error rates of less than 1% of measurements


The manometer for pressure difference measurement

Do you need to find out pressure differences but don't know how? Then the manometer SBS-MM-100 from Steinberg Systems is the right device for you! Optimal data evaluation, easy handling, versatile applications and high-quality material combined in one device!

Precision for every measurement – no matter where!

The differential pressure gauge has 11 different units of measurement and can thus provide a wide variety of results depending on the area of application. An LCD display with background lighting allows you to evaluate the data immediately after measurement. Thanks to battery operation with a 9V battery, the pressure tester is not wired and can therefore be used anywhere without any problems. And if you forget to switch off the unit when you're done working, it will switch off automatically after a while.

Thanks to an accuracy of ±0.3% FS, your measurements are highly precise 99% of the time. The device compares the difference between two pressure measurements and can be used in an operating temperature range of 0 - 40 °C.