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Item: EX20030716


Model: SBS-CC-1000

Factory second Digital Colony Counter - LCD - display - 2 - 3x magnification

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  • Efficient – fast and precise results due to highly sensitive sensors and backlighting
  • Easy to read – results are displayed on the LCD display with numbers is 22 mm high and has a range of 0-9999
  • Professional – suitable for common petri dishes with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Adjustable – with 2 - 3x magnification and a focusing arm for raising or lowering the lens
  • Practical – with reset button for taring, control button for reliable results as well as an electronic directory 


The digital colony counter for a fast and accurate detection of bacteria and germs

The bacteria colony counter SBS-CC-1000 quickly and reliably determines the exact number of bacteria and germs. The digital colony counter from the lab supplies by Steinberg Systems is suitable for the precise analysis of medications, biological, cosmetic and hygienic products, drinking or waste water as well as clinical samples. It is an indispensable tool in epidemic prevention, for environmental monitoring, food hygiene monitoring, in hospitals, in the food production and cosmetic industries as well as in universities, research institutions and countless other areas of application.

Accurate results due to 2 - 3x magnification and backlighting

Suitable for common petri dishes with a diameter of 150 mm. The bacteria counter can be universally used. With a 2 - 3x magnification and a focusing arm for raising or lowering the lens, the digital colony counter can be individually adjusted to a wide variety of samples. The backlight and the highly sensitive sensor also guarantee reliable results at all times, which can be verified via a control button.

The bacterial colony counter is very easy to use. In addition to the control button, the clear control panel also has a reset function for taring. The display has easily legible digits with a height of 22 mm in the range of 0-9999. An electronic directory rounds off the functional spectrum of the bacteria counter. The combination of sensor technology, adjustment options and functions ensures efficient and reliable work in every laboratory.