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Model: SBS-FZ 3000/5M

Chain Hoist - 3000 kg - 5 m

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  • Strong – sturdy chain hoist with a load capacity of 3000 kg
  • Flexible – lifting height of {{chain_lenght}} m
  • Practical – manual operation without power source
  • Durable – the galvanised screws, nuts and bolts as well as the hardened chain guarantee the highest industrial quality
  • Safe – reliable chain brakes hold the weight


Lift heavy objects up to 3000 kg easily with the chain hoist

A steel girder, engine block or scaffolding – there are plenty of objects whose weight is simply too heavy to lift without aid. The chain block SBS-FZ 3000/5M from Steinberg Systems multiplies your strength and makes it easier to lift heavy loads. Thanks to its flexible design, it is just as useful on the construction site as in the workshop or warehouse.

The powerful chain hoist from Steinberg Systems

The chain hoist from Steinberg Systems has a tensile force of up to 3 t. The high capacity is made possible by the device's robust steel construction. Equally sturdy is the steel chain used to lift the loads, which features 7 mm-thick links. In addition, the chain is hardened and the screws, nuts and bolts are galvanised. This protects the device from corrosion and meets the highest industrial standards.

The manual chain hoist enables you to lift objects to a height of {{chain_lenght}} m, giving you maximum mobility and room to manoeuvre. The chain pulley block is manually operated and doesn't require any additional power source. Three gear wheels inside the device ensure optimal force transfer, This makes it extremely versatile.

The chain block can be attached to the ceiling or a scaffold with a sturdy hook. A second hook is intended for the load. It can be secured with a safety catch to prevent the object from slipping. You can block the chain as desired while lifting or lowering. This gives you full control whenever you are working with the hoist.